The Modern Life Insurance Selling Podcast is all about helping you turn life insurance sales into an achievable online, over the phone and location independent dream business.

Jeff Rose on Personal Branding and Business Efficiency

No other life insurance agent online has branded himself better online than Jeff Rose. Jeff is a Certified Financial Planner who runs several successful websites, and is the author of the new book “Solider of Finance”. I’ve invited Jeff on to the podcast to share some of his trusted techniques to claiming and expanding digital authority. Jeff’s […]

Extracting Value From Your Book Of Life Insurance Clients

This week, we’ll be talking about every life insurance agent’s greatest asset; their book of business. I’ve invited Lee Martinez on to the podcast to share some very actionable tips and advice on how to manage your clients. Lee has is a wealth of information on re-writing terms and generating real, organic referral business . […]

This Is A Business of Percentages – How Do You Compare To Industry Benchmarks?

This week, we’ll be covering a topic every life insurance agent selling over the phone should understand; how to know if your sales and processing are in line with industry benchmarks. I’ve invited Nic West back on to the podcast to lend his expertise to the discussion. Nic has personally placed over 6000 policies in force […]

Life Insurance Lead Generation Techniques and Marketplace with Clelland Green

The insurance lead marketplace is fickle, and understanding how it works in the modern world is more than demanding. Clelland Green joins us on the show this week to discuss how he generates life insurance leads for his lead buyers and his thoughts on the life insurance lead marketplace. Clelland is an ex-insurance agent who gradually […]

Ryan Hanley on Content Marketing and Google Plus for Life Insurance Agents

Social networking and Search Engine Optimization have changed the way that Insurance companies do business. I’ve invited Ryan Hanley on the show this week to talk about how to craft your online presence, and really build your authority. Ryan helps marketers and businesses find their audience and tell their story online. He has accelerated his […]

From Zero to Over 2,000 Leads Online in Just One Year

Making the transition from face to face life insurance sales into online and over the phone sales may seem like something in the distant future, but that’s not the case.  To show how attainable it is to move your life insurance sales business online, I’ve brought in Liran Hirschkorn this week to share his story. […]

3 Trends Changing The Way Life Insurance Is Sold

We’re in an industry that’s been around over 100 years and life insurance has been sold the same over that time. For the first time, there’s a shift in the way life insurance is being purchased and sold and it’s moving in the direction of us agents selling online and over the phone. Trend #1: […]