SellTermLife.com shows life insurance agents how to generate their own leads online and make sales over the phone using the latest technologies.

We’re in an industry that’s been around over 100 years and life insurance has been sold the same way since it’s inception.  For the first time, there’s a shift in the way life insurance is being purchased and sold…and it’s moving in the direction of agents selling over the phone (for more about this shift, listen to this podcast).

To fully understand the magnitude of this shift, you have to understand 3 trends currently happening:

Trend #1:  Life insurance sales online and over the phone are quickly trending upward.  According to LIMRA 50% of new business now originates online.  80% of life insurance consumers do some sort of research online.
Trend #2:  Over the next decade there will be a shortage of life insurance agents and more lives to write for everyone in the business.  The average age of a life insurance agent is over 57 years old.
Trend #3:  Working remotely has become the new “normal”.

IMOs/MGAs/GAs and uplines aren’t teaching life insurance agents how to prospect in this new marketplace and that’s why we’re here.

Get To Know Us

My name is Jeff Root and I’m host of the “Modern Life Insurance Podcast” (125,000+ downloads), author of The Digital Life Insurance Agent (a best selling book on Amazon) and founder of this site.  I owned and operated an online life insurance agency where I made a living selling life insurance 100% over the phone.

Discovering ways to predictably generate my own life insurance leads online and making those sales over the phone allowed me to take control of my financial future, spend more time with my family and work from anywhere I want in the world.

Now I help agents market and sell life insurance over the phone.

My homebase is in Austin, TX, but over the last few years, I’ve been lucky enough to travel across the US and internationally without skipping a beat in my business.  (Thank you WiFi, Skype and DigitalBGA!)

It wasn’t always like this, though…

Our Story

Like many agents, I started my career at one of the big “Mutuals”.  Fast forward a few years and I was working at a life insurance call center where I was writing 3-5 apps per day (my best day was 10 apps!) – but my commission levels were 20%.

I got tired of the stress and office culture, but going independent seemed really daunting at the time – especially without a solid lead source.

One day, my coworker Gary and I were talking over a couple Pacifico beers at a beach resort in Baja, Mexico about how it’s very possible to sell life insurance from anywhere with an internet connection and how great it would be if we could take advantage of that and work at a beach resort like the one we were at.  (Actual picture from that trip below)

las rocas 

…over the next few months, I brainstormed how I could make that become a reality.  I took a leap of faith and left the call center to go out on my own.

I started on my own by buying 5,000+ aged leads every month and loading them into a dialer (this method DOES NOT work anymore) while I studied everything I could get my hands on about online marketing.  I came across lots of scams and took a few stumbles, but learned along the way.

I liked the idea of blogging though.  So I started writing about life insurance and protecting your family, and much to my surprise, people started contacting me looking for advice and buying life insurance.

Fast forward 12 months….I’ve picked up some great internet marketing skills and the leads from my website were generating enough business for me to stop calling on aged life insurance leads. 

I’ve been pushing forward and honing my internet marketing skills ever since.

Overall, I’ve placed more that 3,000 life insurance policies on the books by adopting new technologies and online marketing strategies.

Remember – I started with ZERO knowledge of online marketing and built this myself.  This is still VERY doable for those of you that want it bad enough.

So Why Did I Start SellTermLife.com?

As soon as my site started ranking well in Google for life insurance terms, other agents started contacting me.

They were dying to know “how’d you get in Google like this?!” and “Is this really working?” and I could hear the stress in their voices.

I remember very clearly being in that position and it’s no fun at all.  So I decided I had to share my story and help other agents create the lifestyle I’ve created for myself.

That’s why I founded SellTermLife.com.

We show life insurance agents how to generate their own leads and make sales over the phone, while building a secure financial future for their families from anywhere in the world.

How SellTermLife Can Help

I would start by purchasing The Digital Life Insurance Agent book on Amazon.

If you connect with the book, move forward and purchase a life insurance website from us, which gets you lifetime community access.  Our community has over 100 life insurance agents generating leads from their website.  This is where we talk strategy in online marketing, product, sales and get together in person to build our businesses together.