From Zero to Over 2,000 Leads Online in Just One Year

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Making the transition from face to face life insurance sales into online and over the phone sales may seem like something in the distant future, but that’s not the case.  To show how attainable it is to move your life insurance sales business online, I’ve brought in Liran Hirschkorn this week to share his story.

Just one year ago, Liran struck out on his own and began building his online presence.  In today’s episode, you’ll hear all about the steps he took, the traps he fell into (and precisely how you can avoid them), and the lesson’s he learned along the way that you can use in building your business.

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The major discussions in the Sell Term Life Community this week can teach you:

  • The cheap technologies available that make your business more efficient and effective.
  • How you can track your success including some key performance indicators.
  • The power of LinkedIn and email plugins that show social media profiles of your prospects.

Learn how you can get access to these discussions, a powerful community of like-minded life insurance agents, and much much more by visiting the SellTermLife Community.

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