This Is A Business of Percentages – How Do You Compare To Industry Benchmarks?

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This week, we’ll be covering a topic every life insurance agent selling over the phone should understand; how to know if your sales and processing are in line with industry benchmarks. I’ve invited Nic West back on to the podcast to lend his expertise to the discussion.

Nic has personally placed over 6000 policies in force over the phone and is now overseeing a life insurance call center where he has a huge sample size of data. In today’s episode, you’ll hear some raw numbers and crucial insight on what percentages and benchmarks can do for you.

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  • Liran from recorded a 25 minute screencast called “Advanced Link Building Using Google” that anyone trying to build their life insurance site should watch and implement.
  • I shared an attempting contact email swipe file. This is my nine email sequence that can be sent to any lead you are trying to reach that you haven’t talked to yet.
  • We had a great discussion about emailing leads with invalid phone numbers. All of us implementing these strategies have picked up new clients and we discuss what we are saying and how many times we email.
  • An agent had their first two death claims in one week and was seeking advice on how to handle it. This is some great advice for those who haven’t experienced a death claim yet.

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