The Modern Life Insurance Selling Podcast is all about helping you turn life insurance sales into an achievable online, over the phone and location independent dream business.

Internet Life Insurance Marketing with Brian Greenberg

On this week’s episode, Brian Greenberg joins me from TrueBlueLifeInsurance.com. Brian started out in 2004 and has had some very successful life insurance websites since his start in the business. Brian chronicles his journey from his fresh-out-of-college job at MetLife to becoming one of the most successful soft sale life insurance agents. We discuss what […]

6 Online Life Insurance Business Success Lessons from Jason Fisher

This week we welcome Jason Fisher to the show. After working for New York Life Insurance Company for three years, Jason has made a successful switch from face-to-face sales to selling over the phone. On this week’s episode Jason talks about his current online life insurance selling businesses and what makes them successful. Tune in to […]

Excel At The Status Quo

With internet quickly becoming the go-to resource for life insurance buyers, many life insurance agents are scrambling to get into the “web game” and hitting dead ends. This week I am answering listener questions about setting up your life insurance business for success. I dive into specific details about what separates successful agents from the […]

Blogging to Success with Chris Huntley

On this week’s episode, I am joined by Chris Huntley from InsuranceBlogByChris.com. 10 years ago, Chris was a struggling independent agent trying to come up with solid leads. Then, while taking part of an insurance forum, he was offered the opportunity that changed his life. Since that day, Chris has brought in over 18,000 leads, […]

Storytelling and Digital Tools with Brent Kelly

This week, I am talking with Brent Kelly, founder and coach of Empowering Sales, about the importance of storytelling in sales. Brent, speaker and 14-year insurance veteran, recently started his own consulting and training business. He teaches salespeople how to build a signature brand and develop their storytelling skills in order to emotionally connect with […]

Jan Pinney on Being Referable and His Formula for Success

This week, I am talking to Jan Pinney, owner of Pinney Insurance. Jan has been hailed as creating one of the most progressive life insurance IMOs in the industry. A 40 year consecutive MDRT qualifier, Jan has created a juggernaut of an IMO in the life insurance industry. With Pinney Insurance, Jan has developed a formula […]

Pick a Niche, Be Unique

If you were to start all over, what would you do? I get asked this question a lot. Over a year ago my response to this question would have been much different, up until I discovered an amazing strategy that works for quickly creating life insurance leads – niche marketing. The single quickest way to start […]

The Three Characteristics of Successful Internet Life Insurance Agents

Have you ever wondered why some internet life insurance agents are successful and some are not? This week, I analyze the characteristics that define successful agents. First and foremost, I explain the importance of never making excuses to yourself in regards to working on your business and how to internalize the right mindset for it. This key […]

The 6 Ways to Ruin a Life Insurance Sale Over the Phone

Over the course of our careers as life insurance agents we are always finding better ways to close a sale. At times, we can be our own worst enemy by becoming so absorbed by the details of the sale that we fail to connect and we end up missing the sale. This week, I invited Gary Wallace back to […]

The Location Independent Life Insurance Agent

One of the biggest perks of being an independent life insurance salesman online and over the phone is being able work from anywhere with an internet connection. With the enough dedication it is possible to be a successful agent doing business anywhere in the world. This week, I’m pleased to welcome Liran Hirschkorn back on […]