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One of the biggest perks of being an independent life insurance salesman online and over the phone is being able work from anywhere with an internet connection. With the enough dedication it is possible to be a successful agent doing business anywhere in the world.

This week, I’m pleased to welcome Liran Hirschkorn back on to the show. Liran is a perfect example of a successful location-independent online insurance agent who works internationally.  On this episode, Liran shares the tools and techniques he uses to stay location independent while still maintaining a high level of success no matter where he is.

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  • We talk about preparing your clients for the medical exam. A lot of agents are losing business because of the elevated results of medical exams. This can be avoided by just educating your clients on how to prepare.
  • There’s also a topic about who should consider buying aged life insurance leads and why they are so valuable, even though too many agents have bad experiences with them.
  • Another great discussion in the community is titled “Where are You Working?” There, agents post pictures from beaches, lakes, coffee shops, airports, and a number of exotic destinations around the world.

Learn how you can get access to these discussions, a powerful community of like-minded life insurance agents, and much much more by visiting the SellTermLife Community.

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