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This week, I am talking with Brent Kelly, founder and coach of Empowering Sales, about the importance of storytelling in sales. Brent, speaker and 14-year insurance veteran, recently started his own consulting and training business. He teaches salespeople how to build a signature brand and develop their storytelling skills in order to emotionally connect with their customers.

Brent shares some of his wealth of knowledge on how develop and market storytelling skills to create the media maven within each insurance agent. Listen in to find out how insurance agents can fan the passion they must possess into more success for their business.

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  • This week in the community, we talk with one of our agents who just celebrated his one year anniversary of being independent and making the move online! His post, titled “What I learned my first year,” has a ton of value, especially for anyone looking to make that jump to internet life insurance sales. A lot of agents are commenting about what they wish they had learned in their first year.
  • We also discussed website testimonial. Testimonials gives your visitors social proof that you are an expert and that you take care of your customers. However, you can use them in other ways to win business! Not many agents are putting testimonials on their websites anymore, especially the verifiable ones. We talk about how to get verifiable testimonials, as anyone can make up fake testimonials, and slap them on a site.
  • We also talk about one of the major life insurance companies that we all write, that has just been sold out of the blue. Hopefully, nothing changes with this company as its one of the top 5  companies many agents write and is one of the best with impaired risk.

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