Systematizing Your Business with Laura Harris

Laura Harris


Laura Harris is a CLU, ChFC, CIC. She’s built her insurance business around creating systems and she’s willing to share those systems with you in this podcast.

Her systems allow her to leave her office for 30 days at a time and feel confident the business is thriving. Laura is a firm believer in micromanaging processes, so there is no need to micromanage people.

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A case study where an agent is showing us how he established a relationship that’s pulling in 3 app requests PER HOUR at times. Just 1 of these relationships can explode your business and it’s an untapped source for life insurance leads. We’ve already got agents that are making their own relationships using this method.

We also talk about why there really is no reason why you shouldn’t be getting daily inbound internet leads within the next 6 months if you carve out the time and hustle. We list 4 things you can start doing TODAY to be getting daily leads within 6 months. It involves a lot of hustle, but there’s no reason anyone can’t do it if they put forth the effort.

I also share with everyone how I write articles on my website that rank in Google and convert into leads. It’s my Standard operating Procedure I use for every single one of my articles.

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