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This week, I talk to Joe Simonds of Advisor Internet Marketing about how to stand out in your marketplace. Heavily influenced by Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow” concept, Joe Simonds explains the importance of separating yourself from the sea of other life insurance salesmen. You will hear real-life examples of people who successfully pulled this off and are now killing it in their markets. Don’t miss this episode! Grab a pen and a paper and start taking some notes on how to exactly position yourself as a remarkable and memorable authority in your field.

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  • This week in the community, there was a great thread on a traffic source that yielded some great results for an agent. He goes over exactly what the traffic source is and the statistics for the campaign that he continues to run
  • We also talk about the pesky domain squatters why buy domain names without having any intention to use them. If anyone wants to purchase these domains, they are generally forced to pay top dollar. We share our encounters with these domain squatters for life insurance industry domain names.
  • There is also a great discussion about business structure. Should you form an LLC or corporation, or be a sole proprietor? Should you get licensed? We discuss the work-arounds and some tips on how to save some money doing that.

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