New Life Insurance CRM Teaser

If there’s one thing that’s missing from the online life insurance sales marketplace, it’s a dynamic CRM just for life insurance agents. I present to you, the first public look of the Data Raptor.

Pinney is putting the finishing touches on this CRM that will be exclusive to Pinney agents in the beginning, but will release it for other independent agents in the future.  I’ve been providing input and seeing progress on this new life insurance CRM and it’s going to blow you away.  I can’t wait to be on it.  Something like this is way overdue.

It’s a CRM on steroids just for our line of work.  It has the features of a typical CRM, plus:

Integrated Quoting
Field Underwriting and Sales Help
Data transfer directly from CRM to application
Automated e-mails based on lead status
Nurture campaigns for leads and clients (e-mail or snail mail) – this thing will sell and cross-sell for you!  You can add your own campaigns as well.
List segmentation
Integrated dialer (optional $$) – A dialer WITHIN the CRM.  Not a third party vendor.
Integrated texting (optional $$)
Click to call (optional $$) – click a phone number to dial.
Email clients directly from CRM
Case Status directly into CRM
Detailed Sales Reports – How big your pipeline is, how much placed this week/month/year, what lead source is generating the most sales etc.

I know I’m missing some features here.

It took an IMO that “gets” the online life insurance marketplace to invest in such a tool and listen to what their agents needed most. This is why all the online life insurance heavy hitters are with Pinney.  Make sure you’re signed up for our e-mail newsletter for details regarding it’s launch.