Make Your Prospects Believe You

The most successful agents selling life insurance over the phone are all “believable”.

Sure they also have the knowledge, work ethic and consistent marketing, but that only gets you so far.

Many agents that ask me for help that are robotic in their approach.   Meaning they get their prospect on the line and just start interviewing them about their health and try and get to the quote as fast as possible.  It’s the same robotic approach every time.  It’s easy to get caught up in this when you’re on the phone all day.  Unfortunately you’re killing your conversions.

You have to show your passion for what you do.  Sounding like a call center representative spitting out life insurance rates won’t get you very far.  Any kid in a cubicle can do that.  If there’s no passion for what you do, you’ll get mediocre results.  If there’s mediocre work ethic and mediocre passion, then you have no chance.  If that’s the case, I suggest you try another industry.

Unfortunately, most newer agents have a mediocre passion for this business.  You may not realize it, but this comes through your voice when you’re speaking with your prospects.  You won’t make it in the business of selling life insurance over the phone if you’re not passionate about what you do.

Here are some examples of what some successful agents passions are and how they communicate them:

  • I’m a student of the life insurance industry and position myself as an expert on the phone and believe every family should own it.
  • I have one very successful agent who always tells his prospects why he owns life insurance and then asks them why they own or want to own it.
  • Another agent I know truly believes anyone who has someone financially dependent on them should own life insurance and says it in every conversation.

Whatever YOUR passion is, communicate it with your prospects.  It helps in them connect to you and sets you apart from other agents.  The confidence in your voice will instill confidence in your prospects.  You become a real person and not someone scripted.

Don’t be another telemarketer.  Whatever your passion is, make sure it comes out in the phone call.  Your prospects will connect with you and you become “believable”.