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Understanding ROI For Online Life Insurance Sales

Every conversation I have, it seems like agents are calculating Return on Investment (ROI) differently. A 3:1 ROI means if you spend $1,000 in marketing, you’ll get $3,000 in return…but it’s how you come up with that $3,000 return figure that seems to throw many agents off.  Most agents don’t factor in A LOT of […]

5 Online Life Insurance Business Tips Nobody Told Me

This article will cover some important advice for your online life insurance business that I had to learn for myself. This is stuff nobody told me, but is crucial information for those looking to get into the game or are currently building their online life insurance business. Tip #1: Once you have your bills covered, […]

Overcoming Cost Assumption

This is a guest post and re-published article from the Pinney Insurance Blog, by Nic West. What is the number one challenge for all of us when it comes to selling life insurance? I’ll tell you what it is. It’s hearing and overcoming this phrase: “Life insurance is too expensive.” Before a word is even […]

New Life Insurance CRM Teaser

If there’s one thing that’s missing from the online life insurance sales marketplace, it’s a dynamic CRM just for life insurance agents. I present to you, the first public look of the Data Raptor. Pinney is putting the finishing touches on this CRM that will be exclusive to Pinney agents in the beginning, but will […]

Marketing Online For Life Insurance

Liran from recorded a video (bottom of this post) of what it takes to market life insurance online – from anywhere. It’s not as easy as using a pretty wordpress template, writing some great articles and building a few links.  Which many agents seem to think is all it takes.  It’s much more involved. […]

Know Your Graded Death Benefit Options

  As most of you know, I work with a lot of high risk life insurance prospects.  Many times I can help them with traditional coverage – other times I can’t.  In those times that I can’t help them with traditionally underwritten life insurance – I always go to plan B: Graded Death Benefit Life […]

Profitable Affinity Partnerships

This is a guest blog post by Nic West over at  I’ve asked him to write an article about his successful property and casualty affinity relationships. A life insurance agent’s business is heavily based on first year commissions, and to stay in business an agent needs a steady stream of referral leads and new […]

Choosing a Life Insurance IMO/BGA – Comp Isn’t Everything

In this article I’ll cover what questions to ask a prospective BGA.  (FYI – IMO/BGA/MGA/FMO/GA are used interchangeably by agents, for the sake of this article we’ll use BGA). More importantly, I’ll discuss why comp isn’t everything. For full disclosure, on top of being a producing agent, I’m also co-owner of a niche Life Insurance […]

Webinar Replay

Here’s the webinar replay.  I highly recommend watching if you missed it.  Lots of great information on marketing online and selling life insurance over the phone.  If you have any questions, please feel free to comment.

Webinar Announcement

Save The Date: Wednesday February 20th at 10:30 AM PST Making Millions with 21st Century Technology: Harnessing the Internet, Social Media and Mobile Technology to Thrive Presenters: Jeff Rose, CFP is a Social Media Superstar and blogging sensation who runs one of the most successful financial blogs ( and on the internet and has […]