Marketing Online For Life Insurance

Liran from recorded a video (bottom of this post) of what it takes to market life insurance online – from anywhere.

It’s not as easy as using a pretty wordpress template, writing some great articles and building a few links.  Which many agents seem to think is all it takes.  It’s much more involved.

A little bit of background about Liran and why he’s qualified to give such advice:

He’s taken a website that he started 7 months ago from nothing into a cash cow.  It’s not just the traffic, exposure and 10+ leads a day within a short amount of time that’s impressive – it’s the technology he’s implementing that everyone has access to, but no one else is using to drive conversions.  His success is not by luck either – he invested his time and most importantly the MONEY involved to create this marketing machine and a lot of agents are taking notice.

Both Liran and I field calls from agents on what it takes to create a site that generates enough leads to make a healthy income.   We both joke that anyone can do this, but only a few are willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Here’s Liran with some great tips in this quick video he shot on the beach of Atlantic City.  You’ll need to turn your volume up 1 minute in the video as the wind messed with his volume settings.  #lifestylebusinessproblems