Sales Tips

The Truth: Recruiting For New Agents

If you’re a new agent, forget about recruiting.  Get it out of your mind.  I have never seen it work for a new life insurance agent. Whenever a NEW agent calls me and tells me they want to build a team right now, I cringe and typically offend them (not on purpose) by telling them […]

Always Be Marketing!

If you ever worked for a traditional life insurance agency (Northwestern Mutual, New York Life, Mass Mutual, etc), they tell you to “always be prospecting” when you’re not in front of clients.  As life insurance agents selling over the phone, I would say that anytime you’re not on the phone during business hours, you should […]

Gmail For Life Agents Selling Over The Phone

And no, I’m not talking about an e-mail address.  You can use your e-mail address in Gmail, just like you can in Outlook. For example, Here is my login screen for my email account through Gmail. Using Gmail, it’s easy to customize your login screen and when inside, it’s easy to create and […]

Always Be Using Trial Closes

If you sell life insurance over the phone and find yourself overcoming objections or “hard closing” at the end of a phone conversation, you’re probably not using trial closes. A trial close is used to get the prospect to agree with you WITHOUT making a decision throughout the conversation.  Let me show you what I […]

Make Your Prospects Believe You

The most successful agents selling life insurance over the phone are all “believable”. Sure they also have the knowledge, work ethic and consistent marketing, but that only gets you so far. Many agents that ask me for help that are robotic in their approach.   Meaning they get their prospect on the line and just start […]