Don’t Get An Office – Work Remotely

Not until your business explodes at least. Your marketing budget is your biggest accelerator in the beginning.  Wasting it on rent is a unneeded expense since we’re selling over the phone.  I did in the beginning and I regret it. With technology and the nature of our business, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be […]

Webinar: Autodialing After the October 16th TCPA Law

Our friends over at are hosting a free webinar about the new TCPA law.  No need to be a member – just click the link below at 1:00 EST on Wednesday. Here are the details: Autodialing After the October 16th TCPA Law Wednesday, October 16th 1:00 PM Eastern The new TCPA law goes into […]

New Life Insurance CRM Teaser

If there’s one thing that’s missing from the online life insurance sales marketplace, it’s a dynamic CRM just for life insurance agents. I present to you, the first public look of the Data Raptor. Pinney is putting the finishing touches on this CRM that will be exclusive to Pinney agents in the beginning, but will […]

Gmail For Life Agents Selling Over The Phone

And no, I’m not talking about an e-mail address.  You can use your e-mail address in Gmail, just like you can in Outlook. For example, Here is my login screen for my email account through Gmail. Using Gmail, it’s easy to customize your login screen and when inside, it’s easy to create and […]