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This week, I’ve decided to step away from the interviews and start addressing some listener questions. A lot of agents want to know the easiest way to start generating leads, and they want to know what myself, or some other successful agents are doing.  We’ll talk about how you should be proactive in learning marketing and really honing your skills by trial and error. I’ll share a story about an agent that was able to drastically reduce his cost per lead just by formulating a legitimate marketing strategy. The game is changing, and we as a community need to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.

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  • This week there was a discussion on getting your clients to pay annually more often, so you can get a full commission up-front, with a very small likelihood of a lapse in the future. In addition, you’re saving your clients money in the process. We discussed the carriers that allow credit cards for the initial payment, which many prospects love because not only do they save on the total premium, they also get points from their credit card carrier.
  • We also talk about guaranteed issue life insurance and how many times it unnecessary to sell it, because you can get much better rates for your client and much better comp just by using a graded death benefit plan. It’s crazy how many agents default to guaranteed issue when there are difficult health issues and they can’t get through traditional underwriting. Always check your graded death benefit options before resorting to guaranteed issue.
  • There was also a topic on how life insurance claims would be handled for the Malaysian flight that disappeared a few weeks ago because there is not any evidence at the moment. Leron from BestLifeQuote ended up writing a great article about it, which I have linked to above.

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