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Jason Patterson returns to the podcast and we talk about all the success we’re having with Bing and why agents new to marketing online will get faster results when using the strategies discussed in this podcast with Bing.

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There’s a topic on using a technology that brings your website targeted traffic by sharing other peoples content.  Basically anyone who clicks on a shortened link you create, gets marketed to.  Very powerful for niche life insurance websites.  It may seem a bit unclear from my short description, but we go more in depth in what that looks like for life insurance agents with niche sites.

There’s also a topic on hiring an SEO company.  An agent had questions and we’re giving our best advice from our experiences.  Lots of companies that make big claims out there and it’s easy to get sold on a subscription service to something that won’t have any long term results for you.  We go in detail about what’s important and what to look for.

We’ve had a lot of great updates on mobile marketing too.  A couple agents weren’t converting their mobile traffic as much as they should and the community diagnosed the issue and conversions have gone up since they made the changes.

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