Winning This Week at Sell Term Life

Had a few of what I like to call “Wins” this week that doesn’t have to do with my personal production.  I’ll go over a couple marketing wins and couple agents who absolutely CRUSHED it this week in production.

Marketing Wins:

I had the editor of a big scuba diving magazine contact me to reprint  my “life insurance for scuba divers” article I wrote 4 weeks ago.  It should generate some business (hasn’t been published yet).  This goes to show what can happen when you publish good content for consumers.  Here’s the email/lead from my site:

Also, the Life Foundation posted a guest blog post of mine about Breast Cancer and Life Insurance and it got 105 “likes” and 112 shares.  This is very helpful for my website to receive the publicity of having an article from an authoritative site link back to me.  Social signals are very helpful if you’re generating leads online.

Publishing articles and then promoting them is what works for me.  I love sharing my knowledge via my website and establishing relationships with other publications and people on the net.  Building my “rolodex” of relationships is just as important as building my database of prospects.  I figure if I keep publishing helpful articles for consumers and build sources to drive traffic to it, my business can keep growing.

This is MY take on marketing online.  There are SO many ways to do it.  In fact, the agents below that I mention all market differently.

With that said, there were a few agents that market in totally different ways than me, that crushed it this week.

Agent Wins:

I had 1 agent submit over $28k over 3 days through EZlife!  Way to go Krystn from Noel Insurance Services! (Friday update, she just submitted another $1500).  All of these were internet leads she sold over the phone.  Nice app on the 25th, right?

You’d think that another agent couldn’t top her weeks production…WRONG!  Rob from Longevity Risk Management  submitted over $41k this week! Rob has a really lucrative niche that I promised I would never disclose – but he transacts all his business online, over the phone and with EZlife.

A 3rd agent had a $4,300 EZlife application turn into a $16,000 case after the insured informed him his work benefits weren’t available for him.  This was an internet lead as well.  Nice “Win”, Tom from M2 Insurance.

A 4th agent submitted $9k this week from internet leads.  Liran from Choose Term had a great week as well.

Some big weeks from several agents.

Anyone can come across these big cases and they happen more regularly than you think. Those who have their line out the most will catch these big fish more often than the others.