Final Expense Telesales [Best carriers, leads and agencies]

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Diving into the Final Expense Telesales market is exciting and an excellent opportunity to live a life where you can control your time and your financial futures. When you begin navigating and trying to determine which Final Expense telesales opportunity may be the best for you, you have a lot to consider.

Everything matters when entering this market.

Contracts and commission levels are essential. Lead quality and keeping a full calendar loaded with opportunities is critical. Even finding an opportunity that can place efficient and high-end technology at your fingertips is something that’s often overlooked by new final expense agents.

As your combing through your final candidates for who to pursue your opportunity with, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Here’s a breakdown of what can take you from getting by in the final expense market to thriving in the world of final expense telesales.

We’ll be covering:

– What to expect
– The top 3 final expense telesales opportunities
– Top 5 final expense telesales carriers

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Everything, in The Beginning, Looks the Same

When you first start searching for your opportunity in final expense telesales, everything may look the same to you. It’s somewhat hard to understand the differences. Everyone has leads available (for the most part).

Everyone is going to offer contracts with some or most of the final expense carriers providing coverage, and everyone is going to promise some form of training. The key is understanding the differences between the opportunities and who can really offer you the best opportunity and platform to work from.

If an Agency is not offering leads, contracts, and training right out of the gates, there is no reason to consider them at all. Better opportunities are certainly available. Let’s touch on each item we have discussed and explain what’s important to look for.

#1- Leads Are the Only Chance You Have to Earn Money

Without leads, your business is dead before it even begins. Without quality leads, you are likely to spend more time burning through contact attempts than you will be making any sales or filling your pipeline with quality prospects.

How do you know the quality of the leads?

Well, you don’t. The first thing you should be looking for that will help give an idea of quality is if the leads are internally generated (in house) or outsourced/purchased using a third party. Internally generated leads are going to be the highest quality.

In house generated leads will also give you an idea of the lead source (website the prospect visited) which can give you a powerful statement in your initial call. Something along the lines of the following.

“Hi Bob, I’m calling to follow up and help facilitate the application process you began at”

This is a power statement and helps give you credibility on the phone call right out of the gates. Consumers and prospects looking for final expense insurance are hammered with calls and other forms of communications.

The fact that you can stand out and reference where they clicked their computer mouse and filled out a form is a huge advantage.

Internally generated leads also means your agency has full control over the marketing methods, can deliver the leads in real time and you are getting the leads at cost (No-Mark Up).
3rd party leads are never going to carry this quality. If these leads were so good, they wouldn’t be offered to agents for very long and would have already been scooped by another player in the industry such as Select Quote. Also, by using the agency you align yourself with, their reputation is on the line to produce high quality leads.

Additionally, 3rd party leads are often sold to agents at a significantly marked-up price, cutting into your ROI.

Better options exist. You just need to find them.

#2- Technology Is Your Best Friend with Final Expense Telesales

Technology is the next big piece of the puzzle. Without streamlined systems that can help automate and improve efficiency, you’re never genuinely working at max capacity, and you could have more sales pumping into your pipeline.

You need efficiency. With efficiency, comes profits. A system that’s put together to automate emails, SMS text messages is what can start driving inbound opportunities. Individuals don’t always prefer to be hammered with phone calls anymore.

A system that can get a text message and email out to your prospects immediately creates an environment where your prospect can instantly choose which communication method they prefer and let you know what works best for them. Giving your prospects all three options will help drive your sales to a new level.

In addition, when these automated systems handle these tasks, they do it instantly and are programmed to do so. With leads, time is money and the faster you make contact the better chance you have. Every minute counts with leads and time taken to make first contact.

Often, you will be working on calling the next leads when a response from a previous lead comes in. This is how sales begin to skyrocket and you can take your game to the next level. Talking to as many prospects as you can in a days’ worth of work is the name of the game.

It merely creates more opportunity to sell, improve your income and build your final expense telesales business. You begin using your time to speak to interested prospects. The more time you spend talking to the percentages of individuals who are interested in the product you are offering, the more money you are going to make.

It’s that simple.

System to Walk You Through Every Step and Next Action Necessary

Additionally, for new final expense telesales agents, you may struggle to know what the best next action should be. Is it following up on an old case? Is it calling Jim back from yesterday’s calls? A robust CRM and automated technology are going to take the guesswork out of the equation for you.

You need your CRM feeding you the next best action. High-end CRM’s will do just that for you. They will feed the next prioritized name into your “click to call queue” making sure that you are never missing an opportunity and ensuring that you are always calling the necessary and most likely to purchase prospects.

#3 Remove the Busy Work, Have A Conservation Team

Final expense has a persistency rate of about 80% on average. Sure, some agents will be above this mark, and some will fall below it. 80%, however, is a good number and rule of thumb for cases that will remain on the books after the sale has been made for the first 13 months.

This can be for a variety of reasons, but common issues you will run into and where the other 20% of sales can be lost can be from.

• Lapsed Policies and Missed Payments
• Changing of Bank Accounts
• Draft Day Issues from Bank Account

One way or another, the final expense companies are going to get their premiums. Its important cases remain on the books, but it’s also vital that you don’t get bogged down by this non-revenue related work. A conservation team with the agency you choose can take care of this for you.

An agency that will have its team call on your missed payments and potential lapsed policies can help you keep your cases on the books but also allow you to keep focusing on revenue producing actions only.

Once you are further along and have a full pipeline, these lapsed cases or busy work involved can really stack up and begin making it hard to get to your new opportunities and chances at sales. It’s important that your focus remains on placing new cases into the pipeline. Not saving old cases.

Best Final Expense Telesales Agencies (In No Particular Order)

These are the top 3 opportunities on the market to check out. The only reason you’d fail with one of these agencies is if you didn’t follow the training and systems or just didn’t do the work.

NorthStar Insurance Advisors Review




NorthStar Insurance Advisors have been around the final expense telesales industry for quite some time. You can’t go wrong with them, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

NorthStar drives all its opportunities for sales using inbound live transfer leads. These are high-quality leads, but they also come at a cost. Under the umbrella of NorthStar Advisors, the cost will be decreased compensation. 40-60% is what the current compensation or contract level is with NorthStar when you successfully sell American Amicable and American Amicable only.

For high-quality leads, this isn’t necessarily the end of the world, but it is a higher break into your bank account than you may need to pay. Especially if you are newer to the final expense telesales arena. If you are newer, you still need training and need to learn how to close a sale effectively among other aspects of the business.

At 40-60% compensation levels, this is an expensive platform to get started with and to use for a training academy while breaking into the industry. In addition, NorthStar currently only offers one product for its final expense agents (American Amicable).

Again, this isn’t necessarily the end of the world and for a new agent, only having one option may force you to become an expert on the product but having more carriers at your disposal is always the way to go. Especially when it comes to niche underwriting (we will cover this further in the guide).

NorthStar Insurance Advisors only offers American Amicable. They are also offering a different product with American Amicable compared to what other independent life insurance agents have access too. It takes more risk, but it’s more expensive as well.

If you are dealing with a client who knows how to price shop or has explored other policies, this may create a difficult sale. Especially when you are new and learning the ropes. The positive side of Northstar’s special relationship with American Amicable is the 10 minutes to the decision process. If you do successfully sell the policy, you can get a decision quickly and get paid promptly.

Again, you can’t go wrong with NorthStar Insurance Advisors and the platform they offer, the leads and technology are good but uncovering what other Agencies have to offer is the path we recommend taking before making any final decisions.

Premier Producers Group Review







Premier Producers Group is the Independent Agency arm of NorthStar Advisors. Instead of working free inbound live transfers, you can be an independent agent with NorthStar Advisors. This opens the door to more carrier selections such as the following.

• Prosperity Life Insurance Group
• Sentinel Security Life
• American General Life Insurance (AIG Guaranteed Issue)
• Liberty Bankers Life
• American Amicable

In addition, you will still work the inbound live transfers but now your comp will return to the 100-110% levels. Possibly slightly lower if you’re new. In exchange for the increase in comp, you will now have to pay 25.00 per lead for inbound live transfers.

This again isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you are newer to the industry, this can be very expensive leads to make it through growing pains and the learning curve on. For the experienced agent, this is an opportunity that could be what you are looking for.

With Premier Producers Group you will still have access to training but will also still be assessed a technology fee for using their automation and CRM systems.

The 1 Year-Non-Compete Clause with NorthStar Advisors and Premier Producers Group (PPG)

The last item to discuss NorthStar Insurance Advisors and Premier Producers Group (PPG) is the fact that they do carry a 1-year non-compete clause. If for whatever reason, you contract with them and realize this isn’t the platform for you, and have found a better opportunity, you are out of luck. For 12 months at least.

You will not be able to sell Final Expense Insurance over the phone under another agency for 12 months after signing on with NorthStar or PPG if for some reason it doesn’t become the perfect match you have been looking for.

Digital Senior Benefits Review




Digital Senior Benefits is another excellent platform to consider when it comes to finding an Agency to have your back in the Final Expense Telesales industry. With Digital Senior Benefits you will have contracts with 10+ top final expense carriers. Here are some of them:

• Mutual of Omaha
• Royal Neighbors of America (RNA)
• Liberty Bankers Life
• Prosperity Life Insurance Company
• Sentinel Life Insurance Company
• American Amicable
• AIG (Guaranteed Issue)

Each of the final expense carriers Digital Senior Benefits uses has unique underwriting niches and products that can help you place more cases and earn more commissions. In addition, each carrier can offer different and tailored solutions to your clients.

Technology with Digital Senior Benefits

Digital Senior Benefits is one of the few agencies if any that owns their own proprietary technology platform including a custom-built CRM.

The CRM is going to feature click to call features, automatically place your next most crucial call at the top of your call queue and help you automate your emails, SMS (text messaging) and give you the ability to communicate with your clients on multiple channels.

This is key in the final expense market. With society changing, consumers may have different taste and platforms for communication that they prefer instead of just being hammered with phone calls.

With Digital Senior Benefits you will be working leads that are generated in house only through a few different marketing channels. All leads are “internet leads,” and the cost to you would be 11.00 dollars.

This is “at cost” for Digital Senior Benefits. The contact rates hover right at 40% so you will always be talking to clients for under 25.00 dollars per conversation.
Another huge benefit is the technology, CRM and other boost that Digital Senior Benefits offers comes free of charge. No hidden monthly payments. Just contract, fill your pipeline and begin building your business at your own pace.

The Conservation Team with Digital Senior Benefits

The conservation team with Digital Senior Benefits is what really makes them stand out from the rest. Instead of calling on lapsed policies or other service-related work, Digital Senior Benefits has a team in place that will handle this non-revenue producing task for you.

This can be a massive bottleneck in the business and begin to slow you down dramatically as your pipeline matures. Having someone handle these tasks for you keeps you selling and producing new revenue and sales.

Contract Levels and Compensation with Digital Senior Benefits

Digital Senior Benefits currently offers agents 110-115% level contracts with the carriers we mentioned previously.

Factoring this into the 11.00 lead cost, proprietary technology, and a conservation team in place to handle the grunt work for you, they are a top consideration for an Agency to work within the Final Expense telesales industry.

We have touched on the companies to sell life insurance through and a few of these agencies you can use to place your business with. We have also discussed what they have to offer but let’s cover the importance of why having these carriers and options can benefit you in this industry.

The Best Final Expense Carriers for Telesales

RNA (Royal Neighbors of America)




Important: RNA only allows telesales for vetted telesales agencies (like Digital Senior Benefits and Premier Producers Group). If you try selling RNA over the phone through a non-approved telesales upline, you risk getting your contract terminated.

Royal Neighbors is a top carrier for final expense telesales agents for a few reasons. First and most importantly, the simple yes/no application makes completing the sale over the phone with your prospect extremely easy.

Additionally, you can get the point of sale decision on your case quickly, and the underwriting can be completed fully via a telephone interview.

RNA also has a unique underwriting niche in the fact that they do not ask any questions related to build (height and weight). For prospects and clients needing coverage who may be placed into a graded policy or guaranteed issue policy due to height and weight alone, RNA can be the saving carrier to get your clients first-day level benefits.

This ultimately leads to you getting paid. Everybody wins.

The premiums are competitive for your consumers/prospects, and the agent’s commissions are also attractive. RNA also offers 75% advances AND they pay daily on ISSUE – which means if you get an approval today, you see the commission hit your inbox tomorrow. Which can help dramatically towards improving your cash flow and keeping your pipeline running at full steam.

Mutual of Omaha





Mutual of Omaha offers one of the top products in the final expense market. The Living Promise Whole Life Plan. The pricing for this plan is competitive and will always be one of the cheaper options for your clients.

Additionally, with telesales, you need an easy streamlined application process to help convert sales quickly and before ever hanging up the phone with your client.
Easy Application Format. Easy Medical Background Questionnaires

Mutual of Omaha allows for this using the I GO E Application platform. Using this platform gives you an easy interface that’s built around a Part 1 Medical Questionnaire and a Part 2 Medical Questionnaire.

When you first beginning in telesales, especially Final Expense, you may not know what will be approved and what will be declined or switched to a graded benefit plan.
With Mutual of Omaha, this is easy. If your client answers yes to anything included in part 1 of the questionnaire, you need to look at guaranteed issue life insurance options or perhaps another carrier.

If, however, your client makes it through part 1 but then answers “yes” during part two of the electronic application, you can still offer the “graded benefit plan” to your clients.

If your client answers no to both sections, you can proceed to offer level benefits and complete the entire application in roughly 10-15 minutes which includes collecting signatures and entering payment information.

Mutual of Omaha also offers high commissions with 75% advances. This is huge for cash flow when you are starting in the industry. You have lead cost, and other cost associated with running your business so getting cash flow pumped back into the bank account is a huge boost to sustaining long term success.

With Mutual of Omaha, your contracts or commission rates will be 110% for most plans and policies sold unless your client is between the ages of 81-85. Than your commissions will be at 70%.

Mutual of Omaha is also one of the top carriers for approving cases quickly. They run an electronic database inquiry for the MIB, RX (Prescription Report) and your client has the potential of needing to dial in for a random phone interview.

You can also skip the “random” part of this phone interview and dial in yourself with your client on the phone and get the phone interview completed and get a decision instantly.

Mutual of Omaha is also a name in the industry that consumers know and trust. Trust is one of the most significant factors when selling final expense insurance over the phone.
Without rapport and trust, you have nothing.

Mutual of Omaha helps build some of that trust for you right out of the gates. The minute you offer this company and product, the sale can become easy if it lines up with your client’s health status and current budget.

Mutual of Omaha is a carrier you want in your bag of options in the final expense telesales industry.

Prosperity Life Group




Prosperity Life Group is another household name in the final expense telesales industry. They have a few unique characteristics that make them a viable and strong option to have available. Outside of competitive premiums and consumers knowing that they are getting one of the lowest prices available, they also have a few other big positives to consider.

Social Security Billing with Prosperity Life Group

Prosperity Life Group offers social security billing which is a huge bonus for a telesales company to offer. Only a select few currently offer this perk, and with this perk, you can have your client’s premiums set to withdrawal on either the 2nd, 3rd or 4th Wednesdays of the month so that your client’s premiums will come out the same day that their social security funds arrive into their bank.

This reduces lapses and makes your client much more comfortable with the process knowing that everything will be taken care of on the same day. Seniors like simplicity. This makes things simple.

Liberty Bankers Life Insurance




Liberty Bankers is another fantastic option in the final expense industry. They have one of the most aggressive underwriting criteria for level benefits compared to the other options. They also offer competitive comp to agents.

It’s one of the best mid-low cost options for clients looking for coverage up to 30K. Additionally, the streamlined phone approvals help place cases on the books, and the annual discount is huge with Liberty Bankers currently sitting at 20% (only if your client pays annually.)

Some of the unique underwriting niches that Liberty Bankers offer include the following. These health conditions can still qualify for day 1 level coverage.

• COPD (No Nebulizer Use)
• Applicants with Felonies (2 Year Lookback)
• Chronic Bronchitis
• Emphysema
• Peripheral Vascular Disease
• Peripheral Artery Disease
• Insulin After the Age of 25
• Irregular Heartbeat, Atrial Fibrillation
• Systemic Lupus (SLE)
• Parkinson’s Disease

If you haven’t been in the industry long, you will soon realize that this is a huge weapon to have when selling final expense over the phone. You will run into these issues much more frequently than you would think. Especially when working quality leads at higher volumes.

If you are doing things correctly, for those of us who have been around awhile, we can tell you that you will likely run into these underwriting issues nearly daily if you are working leads with any quality.

America is not very healthy. Especially seniors searching for final expense life insurance.

American General Life Insurance Company (AIG Guaranteed Issue)






AIG GI is an option you must have in this industry. It’s one of the easiest and fastest applications you can take, and the comp levels are excellent considering it’s a guaranteed issue product.

The application itself takes roughly 10 minutes to complete, and you can collect all signatures and payment information while on the phone with your prospect.
There is no reason this shouldn’t be every agents #1 Guaranteed Issue Product. In addition to the agent and consumer-friendly process, you can’t also use the following as great selling points with your prospects.

1.) Living Benefits Included
2.) The AIG Name is Well Known by Consumers
3.) Accidental Death Is Covered During Waiting Period
4.) 10% Interest Earned and ROP for 24 Month Waiting Period
5.) Competitive Pricing for a GI Product

In addition, for the agent, you can enjoy 6 months’ worth of advances, and the commission schedule sits at 80% as opposed to 60% with other guaranteed issue products on the market.

Factor these benefits in with the easy application system and it can be a great carrier to have at your disposal when beginning in the final expense telesales arena.

Now, we need to make sure you understand the different forms of leads you can work as a final expense telesales agent. Each lead will have unique strengths and weaknesses as well as cost. Here’s a breakdown of the options and quality.

Types of Final Expense Telesales Leads

Final Expense Internet Leads

Using internet leads is one of the highest quality leads you can work and are going to be cheaper than your live transfer leads in most circumstances. Internet leads are real-time interested leads who actively took the time to seek out information about final expense insurance.

There is no shortage of final expense internet lead companies out there. So lets go over what you should look for:

1) Cost should be under $12 per lead.
2) Ask to see their ads and landing page. Make sure (1) “burial insurance” or “final expense insurance” is on it and consumers aren’t being misled. (2) there’s no incentive to get a quote.
3) Ask what happens AFTER a lead is generated.  If there’s ads on the screen after a lead is generated, it’s like purchasing a shared lead…because a good percentage of the time they’ll fill out another form.

Your upline should have a high ROI lead source that should be able to deliver on the above.

If you’re working a system correctly, your cost per conversation should be under $25.  Now how many conversation does it take you to get a sale?

Final Expense Live Transfer Leads

Live transfer leads can be high quality depending on the vendor you use. These will run you anywhere from 25.00-50.00.

The problem with live transfer leads is controlling when transfers can take place. Depending on your vendor, you could be waiting a long time for a transfer.

Another thing to take into account is the quality of the transfer. Here are some tips in vetting live transfer opportunities:

1) Are they qualified? Some live transfer companies qualify interest only. Others will qualify if there’s a bank account and some basic health questions.
2) How is the data generated? If it’s online marketing (internet leads), that’s a good thing. If it’s telemarketed, that’s a lower quality lead and you want to make sure you have qualifiers like bank account and basic health questions.
3) Is there at least a 60 second buffer? This means if you hang up within the first 60 seconds, you’re not charged. This protects you from being transferred someone not interested.

So where do you get your transfers?

If you really wanted to work live transfers, consider NorthStar or Premier Producers Group mentioned above. Beyond interest, they qualify for bank account and health, so you know you’re getting a great prospect. The best live transfers you’ll work.

You can get live transfers from DataLot and plug into their system. They used to be great, but now we’re getting mixed reviews – I think they started using internet leads and are now using a lot of telemarketed leads. They use a bidding system, so you could pay $25-$40+ for a lead – the lower your bid, the less leads you’ll get.

Other than those 2 companies, there’s A LOT of overseas services that will live transfer you leads. They cold call and live transfer over to you. We haven’t used any of them, but you can find them all over linkedin or just by doing a search for “final expense live transfer leads on google”

Final Expense Telemarketed Leads

Telemarketed leads are option 3 out of this bunch and an option that should be used sparingly if at all. Usually, telemarketed leads are going to come from an overseas country, and the quality will be terrible (most of the time).

Saving money when starting in this industry is one thing but not filling your pipeline with interested prospects and cases that will ultimately place and pay your bank account is another thing.

You pay for what you get with leads, so it’s important to find a happy balance. Maintain cash flow for your business but create quality interested conversations with as many prospects as possible.

Final Expense Direct Mail Leads

Direct mail can be a great lead source for final expense sales when used for face to face sales but are not a viable option for telesales. They are too expensive and the cost to acquire one client is just too high.

Direct Mail can also pose problems with the ability to scale. When the price of the lead gets too high, keeping enough of them in the pipeline and incoming as new opportunities can start putting your cash flow at danger.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

Final Expense Telesales: What To Expect

Outside of understanding your options for an agency to work with and your technology and lead options you can take, it’s important to know what we see typically in final expense telesales.

Having a clear understanding of how things will likely transpire can help to keep your expectations in check and help you to tailor your approach.

The Rough Start, Humble Beginnings and The Grind

In the beginning, regardless of which agency you work with, things will be slower for you in final expense telesales. It takes a few days to adjust to the new technology, the leads and to get yourself into a groove with the overall routines that can make you successful selling final expense insurance over the phone.

In the beginning, you outlay some cash for leads with most agencies and are building your “pipeline” or establishing your business.

With effective cash flow management and always reinvesting some of your commissions back into marketing and future lead spends, you can really start to build a thriving final expense business.

The Fundamentals, Work Ethic, Discipline and The Desire to Learn

Work Ethic, discipline and the desire to learn are going to be traits that successful final expense telesales agents all have in common. Potential prospects may want to communicate using various channels such as email, text or speaking over the phone.

Leads may also take several contact attempts before answering the phone and allowing you to take an application. It takes consistency and discipline to thrive in this market. The more you can dial and actively manage communications with clients and prospects, the more money you will ultimately make.

At this point, the more money you prefer to make will be in your control. It merely takes more leads and more dials, and you can control your income and your calendar.

Leads, Marketing Channels and A Full Days Work Always Available

A full day’s work is the key to growing your business and ultimately reaching a 6-figure income in final expense telesales. You should be talking to people as often as possible. When this happens, it all comes together.

Prospects don’t always buy on day 1 but creating a pipeline of follow-ups and getting to know your prospects opens the door to a future sale. Future sales are equally as good as sales today.
Sure, with final expense we want and need the one call closes but keeping your pipeline busting at the seams is what it’s all about.

You should be consistently reinvesting in your business and keeping leads flowing. You should also be encouraged to learn marketing channels and to become creative with creating business.
An agency who has the infrastructure to keep you flowing with leads and encourages learning marketing through the process is a win-win and something you should be factoring into your business decisions and decision of which agency to place your business with.

Call Scripting, Rapport, Patience and The Desire to Improve

Learning a script or having an agency that provides a script that’s proven, and works is also another big boost to your chances of learning final expense telesales. Regardless of if you have sold life insurance over the phone before, final expense insurance is entirely different.

It takes trust, rapport building, and patience to make a sale in the final expense market. Sometimes the calls can run 20-30 minutes before even informing the prospect of your recommended product or offer.

It’s all part of the plan and process.

Without rapport and trust in the final expense market, you don’t have much of a leg to stand on. Take time to improve your skills and hone in on weaknesses. Some agencies offer sales mentors and coaches who can help guide you through the rough patches in the beginning.

Take advantage of these perks and be open to always learning and improving. Ultimately, it’s what can take your sales to the next level.

Back End Systems and Support

We talked about this briefly when we mentioned how Digital Senior Benefits has a conservation team in place to help manage, call lapsed policies and remove the busy work from your schedule to keep you engaged in new sales only.

Back end technology and other support can also go a long way.

Having a platform where you can see all your pending cases, potential ROI, remaining leads left and an organized dashboard for finding client information can make selling life insurance over the phone not only fast and profitable but extremely organized and easy to manage.

Understanding Carriers, Underwriting Niches, and Available Products

Whether or not the agency you work with offers one carrier or five carriers, it’s important to take the time to learn the ins and outs of all the products and options the carriers provide. This is going to do two things.

1.) Make You Come Across as A True Expert

2.) Tailor and Find the Best Solution for Your Client in All Circumstances

When a client calls and explains a health concern, and you can get into a routine and build muscle memory of exactly what carrier they should consider and why, things can dramatically change for you.

You can look like a real pro and really give your clients the ultimate experience. This is huge and ultimately will keep business on the books and generate plenty of referrals for you down the road.

Finding Your Own Niches in Final Expense Telesales

Over time, you will eventually find an area that you truly excel at. Maybe you become great at selling to the 65-year-old males looking for burial coverage and perhaps you experience great success with another demographic such as individuals battling health concerns. Maybe you’re great focusing on one carrier, knowing everything about them and qualifying for all their annual agent trips?

Whatever the case may be, take advantage of it and work and understand your niche. The can create an expert feeling for your clients and help you sell policies with much more efficiency.

Building and Treating Your Sales as a Business

Although choosing an agency is critical to your start in this industry, it’s important to understand that you are still running a business. Your business. Every aspect of your final expense telesales career should be managed and treated like a business. Cash flow, marketing and accounting and are all parts of the equation.

Becoming successful in final expense telesales requires the work ethic to drive sales and make the calls, but you also need to mindful about other aspects of your business. Finding an Agency that can help support and grow with you through the process is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

At the End of The Day, Things Get Easier and Your Income Will Grow

Things may seem like a big puzzle right now. Deciding which Agency is the best to work with or what technology can be overwhelming. It does get better, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Things settle down, and you can begin to get in your groove.

The time invested now will create a significant background of knowledge and expertise in the market. Hang in there and just get started and eventually, things will begin to happen for you.