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Own A High Performing Life Insurance Website


If you’re looking to build out a life insurance website, you won’t get more value for your dollar than our website offer.

We’ve witnessed insurance website builders litter the market with low quality offers and subscription based services where you’ll never own your website and once you stop paying, your website goes away and you're left with nothing.  Not anymore.

We’ve put together a streamlined process with our programming team to deliver a website on Wordpress for $995 TOTAL.  No recurring payments to us. You own the website 100%.

On top of that, we give you lifetime access to our community to help you market and if you’ve read “The Digital Life Insurance Agent”, you’ll know exactly what to do to start generating leads.

Here's What You Get

We’ll build you a website that converts more visitors into leads than other agent websites. This has taken us years (and 10’s of thousands of dollars) to test and you get the benefits we’re enjoying today.

Combine this with the strategies of “The Digital Life Insurance Agent” book and the support of our private community to answer any questions and help you with any marketing challenges, there’s no reason you can’t be generating your own leads unless there’s a lack of follow through.

So here’s what you get:


High Converting Website

For the uninitiated, a high converting site is the difference between having 100 visitors to your website and getting 2 leads (low converting) and getting 5+ leads (high converting). It can make or break your business.

Here’s some features integrated into your website that will help convert more visitors into leads:

Scrolling quote form

We’ve found that having the quote form in front of your visitors at all times increased conversions. Here’s what our scrolling quote form looks like in action. Can you see how more visitors would fill out a form because the quote form stays on the page as the visitor reads your content? When you scroll down most websites, the quote form leaves your view.

Feature Image

In the animation above, notice the photo behind “Do Retirees Need Life Insurance?” A custom photo “feature image” is integrated in each post. You choose a feature image (we use for free royalty free images) and it will auto-display behind the title of your article.

Having a feature image pulls your visitor into your article instead of seeing a block of text. We see more engagement and higher conversions by using a feature image and doing it this way is an elegant way to implement this.

Clean design with prominent quote form

You’ll also notice in the animation we don’t have any other distractions. Just content and a quote form. And the quote form is the focal point of the page – the “Instant Quotes” and “Display Quotes” button are the brightest colors on the page.

A big mistake agents make is add social media sharing buttons (no one shares insurance articles!), adding “as seen in”, featuring a product or other distractions. These hurt your conversions because you’re distracting your prospect away from the ultimate goal – to fill out a quote form or call you. You want you visitors to focus on the content, filling out a quote form or calling you – that’s it.


Mobile Optimized Website

Over 30% of your traffic will come from mobile devices – it’s important you not only get a mobile-friendly website, but a website design which converts on mobile effectively. We’ve increased agent’s leads in the past by 20% JUST by fixing their mobile design.

All the sites we build are built to convert visitors into leads on mobile devices.  Here’s what we mean by that.

“Mobile Friendly” qualified by Google

Google will rank websites higher in the search engines if your site is considered “Mobile-friendly” and will label it in the search engines on mobile – see the image on the right for what we’re talking about.  

All pages on your site will be “Mobile-friendly” qualified.

Mobile optimized quote form

Most agents stop at having a “Mobile-friendly website where we’re just getting started.  

Even if a website is considered mobile friendly, the quote form might not be mobile friendly and that’s really important.  Your visitors shouldn’t have to “pinch” their screens to see your quote form.  It should render to the mobile phone automatically.  This will help convert more visitors into leads.

Our quote forms render to your screen automatically.  An example is on the right.

Quote form ON TOP of the page

By default, Wordpress sidebar quote forms and widgets are displayed at the bottom of your content when viewing on mobile.  When we placed our quote forms on top of the content, we saw a very noticeable bump in conversions.

The animation to the right is a blog post.  You’ll notice the blog content is below the quote form.  That is intentional and we do this for every website we build.

Click to call phone number

On mobile, your phone number should be “clickable” so all someone has to do is tap your phone number to call you.  All of our websites have a clickable phone number.


Integration with NinjaQuoter (Optional)

NinjaQuoter will be the instant quote engine on your website which displays quotes faster than any other software. It’s what all the high performing life insurance websites are using.

An example of NinjaQuoter displayed quotes are on the right.

Notice how clean and beautiful the interface is…and this is just one style option of the many you can choose from.

With NinjaQuoter, you’ll get insights on EVERY lead delivered to your inbox (or CRM) so you know what page on your website the lead came from.

For example, if they came from your scuba diving article, you’ll know going into the call they’re probably a scuba diver. It’s great intel which can help you write more business.

Beyond lead intelligence, here are some other features:

1.  You can pick which carriers you want to display for instant quotes.
2.  You can have a term quoter, final expense quoter or no exam quoter on your website.
3.  You can post directly into your CRM.
4.  NinjaQuoter’s “Agent Quoter” will quote table ratings and flat extras.

There is so much value with this service; we use it daily.

NinjaQuoter costs $19/mo if you’re using them on one website.  $39/mo if you’re using multiple websites.  You get a 30 day free trial when you sign up.

Alternatively, we can build your site without instant quotes and add a quote form to collect information at no cost.


Lightning fast and secure hosting with WPEngine

The highest performing agents we know are using WPEngine.  We use them with all our sites and believe you should too.  They are that reliable and just that good.

Too many agents go with cheap hosting and have problems with getting hacked, their site going down for maintenance or overall slow performance which results in less traffic, leads and sales. Fast page load speeds are key for ranking signals in Google and just good for user experience in general.

WPEngine has lightning fast load times. We test every website before delivery to make sure it loads in less than 3 seconds. If your website is going to be the hub of your business, it should load fast and be completely secure.

We require that you host your website through WPEngine and we’ll provide you with a 20% discount code after you purchase.

We require WPEngine hosting because they have developer tools that let us design and program websites more efficiently than we could with other hosting vendors and we pass those savings on to you (we used to charge $2500 for these websites).  

If you already have WPEngine, great!  We can build on your account.


High Converting Landing Page

A landing page is used to send paid traffic to. It’s built to convert visitors into leads at the highest percentage possible.

The template we’re providing you has seen hundreds of thousands of dollars of traffic sent to it and it’s been optimized to convert the highest percentage of life insurance traffic.

We give you this landing page as a template within Wordpress that you can use on as many pages as you want.

On every page, you’ll have have thes options shown on the right. All you have to do is choose “Landing Page” and your new webpage will look like the second image on the right.

You can edit all the text on that page as well – so you can make as many niche specific landing pages as you want.

We’re seeing conversions in the 25%-40% range depending on the traffic sources. So if you’re paying $5 per click on any ad platform, you’re generating leads for $12-$20 each on average.

Paid traffic may seem foreign to you, but just know that it’s there if you ever decide to explore it down the road.  There are plenty of guides online to get you started with paid traffic.


You OWN Your Website

Most of our competitors charge you a monthly fee indefinitely and if you stop paying them, they’ll take down your website and lose everything you’ve done to it.

Not with us.  You’ll own your website 100%.  Which means there’s no more payments to us.

There are 1,000’s of agents out there paying recurring fees and have no ownership of their website – this is an awful business practice.

Your website is a sellable asset.  There’s no reason not to own it.

Before our offer, it would cost you $2500-$5000+ to own a website of the caliber we’re providing so we understand why agents are paying monthly for these sites.

With the pricing of our offer, there’s no reason to pay perpetually for a website you’ll never have ownership of.


LIFETIME Community Access ($600 Value) started as a private community forum over 2 years ago and it’s still going strong.  It used to cost $50/mo, but now you can only get in through this offer for life.  

There are over 100 agents building digital life insurance businesses and the majority of them are marketing their websites online.  Most of the discussions are centered around lead generation.

The biggest benefit of our community is a place to ask your questions about marketing your website or anything else related to building a digital life insurance business.  Any challenges, ask the community – you can even submit them anonymously.

Beyond that, the “deal flow” and opportunities which come from the podcast and some of the influencers inside flow directly into the community. 

You’ll be exposed to opportunities you wouldn’t be able to get on your own and insider information of building your online life insurance business from some of the best digital agents in the business. The agents in our community are in the trenches every day and are a powerful resource.

Community Testimonials

Jeff Rose,

Chris Huntley,

Liran Hirschkorn,

Chris Abrams,

Frequently Asked Questions

Why WPEngine for hosting?

WPEngine has technology that allows us to build websites more efficiently and with a few mouse clicks transfer the website from our WPEngine account to yours.

Because they’ve made it simple for us to cut down the process of building a website and transferring it, we’re able to cut our typical costs by more than 50%!

On top of that, you’ll never have to worry about your site going down as their uptime is 99.9% and if it does go down (no hosts are perfect), they’ll get alerted and get it back up for you. Even more, they automatically backup your website. That peace of mind in priceless when you’re building a business around your website.

All our websites are hosted by WPEngine and we can vouch from experience with them. If you want to research them more, click here to get to their website.

After your purchase, we’ll provide you a coupon code for 20% WPEngine.

Why are you selling so cheap?

As many of our audience knows, we’ve been selling websites at the $2500 price point for years. Many agents we speak with have paid $5000+ for their website.

We’ve built so many websites (for ourselves and the SellTermLife community) that we’ve streamlined the process and when you combine that with WPEngine’s tools to help web developers, it’s cut our programming times in half. We’re passing these savings on to you.

We’re in this business to help as many agents as possible.

Who is this offer for?

This is for any life insurance agent that:

1. Wants a web presence
2. Has a web presence, but is “renting” their website by paying monthly fees.
3. Has a low converting website (getting 4 leads or less per 100 visitors)

We looked at all the website offers on the market and made sure we blew them all out of the water in value and price. On top of that we provide support in our private community you’ll get access to.

How will my website generate leads?

It’s up to you. “The Digital Life Insurance Agent” book lays out a lot of different strategies from SEO to all kinds of paid advertising.

The technical elements of our website are made to deliver results in the search engines if you choose to go that route.

Our website will provide a high converting landing page if you want to send paid traffic from Google, Bing, Facebook, Insurance Ad Networks, email marketing or any niche advertising.

Whatever you choose to do, our websites are built to handle it with optimal performance and you’ll have our private community to help if you have any questions along the way.

What about content?

You’re responsible for the content on the website. When we deliver the site, it will have some placeholder content – you’ll need to replace it with your own content.

This is a good thing. Let me tell you why.

Many of our competitors provide content, but you’re using the same content as all their other clients and “duplicate content” won’t get any love from the search engines. In other words, duplicate content does nothing for you. You need unique content on your website to rank in the search engines.

Are there any other costs associated with this website?

Your WPEngine hosting payment is $29/mo. However, we’ll give you a link to save 20% your first year.

If you want instant quotes on your website (we highly recommend), a subscription to NinjaQuoter starts at $19/mo.

Do I get any revisions on my website?

No. Here’s why.

We’d have to more than double the cost.

We know that our sites out perform the vast majority of life insurance site out there when it comes to conversions which means it takes less traffic to get more leads. And that’s all that matters for designing a website.

We say this because making a decision on our service based on what the website looks like is not a reason to purchase our service.  Everyone will have different tastes in design, but we know what gets results and that’s our core offer. We focus on the most efficient ways to build a lead generation website…and design is a variable agents don’t need to worry about because we’ve already proven our designs.

But trust us, our frameworks are beautiful and our framework is customizable. You can easily change any text or image within the Wordpress admin area. We have a video tour to show you how to do this.

Also, you’ll own the website so feel free to hire someone to modify if you’d like.

Do you redesign current websites?

Yes, but there’s an extra charge. Please contact us and we’ll take a look at your site and provide you with a quote.

It can range from a minimum of an additional $500 to $2500 depending on the website. We’ll need to know how many pages are on your site and we only work with Wordpress.


$995 Total

Like we said...UNBEATABLE VALUE.​

Get Your Website TODAY!

Was $2500 - Now Only $995

Secure Checkout

Bottom Line

We’re in the trenches marketing life insurance daily. You’re leveraging our experience, our successes and past failures to get a high performing website that you’ll own outright with no future payments.

We’re not a marketing agency slinging websites to every insurance agent out there – we only cater to life insurance agents who want to generate leads from a website. We know how to market life insurance, we use our own product and we’ve simply streamlined the process to make it available to other life insurance agents.

We know that if you’re able to commit to marketing your life insurance website with the help of “The Digital Life Insurance Agent” book and the support of the community you’ll get access to – you have everything you need to achieve freedom in this business.

Freedom of having a prospecting machine (your website) that delivers new prospects to your inbox every day like clockwork. All that’s left is to follow through.

Lets get to work.