Recommended Services

Here’s a list of services we use (or have used, but just grew out of) in our internet life insurance business and recommend.  There’s a lot of subpar services agents waste their time with.  If you’re in the market for any of these services, we recommend and use them.

Turn-Key Life Insurance Telesales Systems

Digital Senior Benefits – Sell final expense life insurance over the phone leveraging the best proprietary technology available in the industry.  The platform is free, the only cost is the high quality, low cost leads.  1 on 1 training is included.  I personally had a hand in building this system.  Check out the website for an in-depth look.

Recommended Life Insurance Technology


NinjaQuoter is an instant quote software based on the cloud. You don’t need to apply updates and there’s no software to download.  It’s as easy way to compare life insurance quotes for your clients and also get a beautiful quoter on your website without hiring a programmer.   There are A LOT of features I’m not mentioning, just check it out yourself.  There’s a 30 day free trial (no CC needed) and STL community members get 20% off for life.

Recommended CRM’s:

For the internet life insurance agent or agency that’s receiving over 200 internet leads/mo, VanillaSoft is the best we’ve seen.  Check out their demo here.  If you’re not at that lead volume, start with a less robust (and cheaper) CRM and it’s EASY to transfer your data over.

We recommend it because it’s a high velocity CRM that will make you a lot more efficient with bulk leads. No contracts, click to call, call recording, fully customizable, lead prioritization (game changer), smart scripting.

One more thing, if you join our community, we’ll copy our exact customizations with all our automated workflows to your VanillaSoft CRM that you’ll own 100%.  Get a free 30 day trial here.

Recommended Website Hosting

We host all of our websites on WPEngine (including this one).  It’s the fastest, most secure and most reliable WordPress hosting we’ve come across.  It’s got great support as well.   It’s on the high side for cost at $29/mo, but for anyone serious about their website, it’s worth every penny.


Digital Marketing Strategy Guide – Tommy Griffith built a great guide on digital marketing fundamentals. We are in an entrepreneur group together and I’ve seen him speak and he knows his stuff.  If any of his courses are of interest, don’t hesitate to learn from hi.

Final Expense Leads – Review of the Best Options – David Duford breaks down the best lead options for final expense agents.  Great read to get up to speed.

Resource for marijuana and life insurance – Chris Abrams has put together a tremendous website dedicated to securing life insurance for the growing marijuana user population.