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In the history of selling life insurance, right now is the most exciting time to be a life insurance agent.

There are so many advances in technology making way to new marketing opportunities which are redefining what it takes to build a long, successful life insurance business.

This community was created to develop the “next generation” life insurance agent.

IMOs, MGAs, GAs and industry trainers aren’t teaching life insurance agents how to get in front of the tidal wave of consumers coming online to research and purchase life insurance.

But we are.

We’re gathering motivated agents in one community to share what’s working (and not working) and what we’re doing to generate business using modern marketing strategies.

If you have the desire to change and the discipline to make it happen, you have what it takes to build a successful online life insurance business this year.

Our community has all the resources you need to build a predictable flow of life insurance leads and sell profitably over the phone.

Here’s Exactly What You Get Access To In The Community

Private Forum

Our private community is hidden from search engines and is password protected. It has categories of General Business Discussion, Online Marketing, Field Underwriting and Training.

80% of members log in daily. Everyone uses their real name and photo (not required).  There are meetups and many community members have partnered together to form high growth digital life insurance businesses.

To get the most value, ask questions about growing your business or any challenges you’re having (everyone has challenges at every level of this business)…or just lurk and enjoy all the value we offer on a regular basis. There is something for everyone, and enough actionable strategies to increase anyone’s bottom line.

Here’s a peak of what it looks like inside:


Special offers

The “deal flow” and opportunities which come from the podcast and some of the influencers inside the community flow directly into the community. Agents in the community have benefited from:

  • Pocket lead programs and partnerships unknown to 99% of agents outside the community.
  • Purchasing websites generating leads well below market value from agents exiting the business.
  • Getting featured in magazines.
  • Beta testing new technologies.
  • Getting links to their websites from big media sources.
  • Access to products before it’s available to everyone else.
  • Knowing when a company is going to stop selling a product or increase rates weeks before it’s announced.

Those are just a few.

You’ll be exposed to opportunities you wouldn’t be able to get on your own. The agents in our community are on the front lines, and well connected.

This community will keep you connected within the ever changing world of marketing and, more specifically, how it applies to the life insurance industry. You’re on the cutting edge of the next generation life insurance agent. You don’t want to miss your chance.

Over the past decade, what marketers (agents) do to engage clients has changed beyond recognition and there isn’t any other discipline which has evolved so quickly.

This has created a massive opportunity for the life insurance agents who can learn and execute some of these strategies because the majority of life insurance agents are doing the same things we’ve been taught for decades.

Don’t Take Our Word For It…
Hear From Some of Our Members

Chris Abrams,

Scott Johnson,

Why Should You Join?

Help With Your Biggest Challenges

No one is born an online life insurance business expert. And most agents go through the same challenges. Shouldn’t you learn from those who have already adapted?

You’ll be surrounded by your peers who have struggled in the past with the exact same challenges, or are currently struggling with the same business challenges you’re facing. We can help. Use the community to tackle hurdles together.

Often times, a quick search of our deep archives is all it takes to find the answer you’re looking for. Someone has probably asked the question you have and you’ll get instant insights to solve your problem quickly. If not, you’ve got access to experienced online life insurance agents who have been doing this for years. We’ll get the answers you’re looking for.

Access To Cutting Edge Information

We discuss the latest marketing strategies, telesales game plans, field underwriting niches, lead vendors and general life insurance business planning. You’ll have a pulse on what’s happening and working now.

There are several agents who have placed over 2500 life insurance policies in force online and over the phone ready to help out the community with any sales questions.

There are agents who generate in excess of 10,000 leads per year with their own efforts to help with marketing questions.

There are agents who travel the world while running their life insurance business who can share their processes and tools.

There are agents who run agencies with ad spends over $50k/mo, but also agents who are spending $500/mo on ads to generate leads.

If you went to Google and typed in any life insurance search term, chances are that several of our members are on the first page.

You have access to all of these people and their experience.

Get Results Faster

Avoid making the costly mistakes many agents make and piggy back off the shared success of others.

Being a part of our community speeds up your learning process and provides you the support you need to get results much faster than doing it alone.

What this community is NOT

1) It’s not a silver bullet to a predictable flow of prospects. A silver bullet doesn’t exist. We’ll give you the knowledge and know-how, but the discipline to implement is 100% up to you.

2) It’s not a recruiting platform.  All recruiting posts will be deleted.

3) It’s not JUST for remote life insurance agents who sell 100% online and over the phone. The majority of agents are in transition and are going for a hybrid of online marketing AND face to face sales.

More Testimonials

Liran Hirschkorn,

The SellTermLife community has provided me with many shortcuts in building my life insurance agency and helped me avoid a lot of common pitfalls that agents face. Outside from being inspiration, It has been a holy grail for new marketing tactics, up to date industry news, and best practices for placing high risk cases. Being a member of this community has directly impacted the ROI of my company and continues to do so to this day.

Mack Dudayev,

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you charging for membership?

3 reasons.

1) There’s a lot of information which doesn’t exist anywhere else because it’s so drilled down to life insurance marketing. We don’t want everyone having their hands on the information inside.

2) We also found that the problem with “open” forums (no barrier to entry) is no one is willing to share the details of their successes. We want to foster a community of sharing ideas, tools and experiences so we can all learn from each other. This doesn’t happen in an open forum, it HAS to be a private setting.

3) Keep the caliber of members high. If you’re willing to invest in yourself and your business, then you’re right for this community. We have built an extremely powerful group of agents, and we want to keep it this way.

Why was this community started?

There was a lack of actionable information on how to grow a life insurance business using modern marketing and sales strategies. It didn’t exist, so we built it in December of 2013 from our own experience of digital success.

We also built this community to connect with other modern life insurance agents across the nation. Everyone has unique experiences, opportunities and skill sets to share. We value relationships, and great relationships lead to mutual benefit.

There needed to be a resource and information hub for the modern life insurance agent. We can learn a lot from each other – not just from marketing, but from a sales and field underwriting aspect as well.

How much does it cost?

Access to the community is currently only $25/mo (+$50 one time registration fee), but it will go up shortly and everyone gets grandfathered in at their entry price. You can cancel at any time with no questions asked by emailing [email protected].

We’ve priced it so that if you just gain 1 new client because of knowledge applied from our community in the next year, you’ll have made a solid ROI.

OK, A Few More Testimonials

Since joining the community, I have been able to access much more very valuable, informative and time saving information that I would not have had access to otherwise. Working from the home office makes it difficult for a new agent to “learn by osmosis” when there is nothing else around you. This community is always available and willing to help above and beyond. I have joined other groups out there and know first hand that they don’t have the accumulative database nor the ever-changing up-to-date information about the industry and self marketing to reach success. This is a must and I strongly recommend for any independent agents who want to stay in ‘the know’.

India Kinchelow,

Join Us!

We are the community you didn’t know you needed.  Join over 100 life insurance agents actively marketing life insurance online and/or selling over the phone.

The cost is only $25/mo (+$50 one time registration fee).  Cancel anytime with no questions asked.

Give us 1 month to prove our value to your business. If you decide it isn’t for you, you can cancel at any time with no questions asked.