Daily Activity

A Day in The Life 3/21/2013

This is a guest post by Liran Hirschkorn. Liran Hirschkorn is the founder of ChooseTerm.com and a life insurance agent. He works with Jeff Root and the EZlife team, where he works hand in hand with some of the best life insurance companies. I used to leave early and come home late. I’d also wear […]

A Day in the Life 12/10/2012

Sorry for the lack of updates recently.  I’m expecting my first kid any day now and have been preparing for the arrival.  I’ve been coming to the office fully prepared to leave for a few days.  With that said, I’ve outsourced everything and am just taking inbound calls and marketing. So lets do a quick […]

Winning This Week at Sell Term Life

Had a few of what I like to call “Wins” this week that doesn’t have to do with my personal production.  I’ll go over a couple marketing wins and couple agents who absolutely CRUSHED it this week in production. Marketing Wins: I had the editor of a big scuba diving magazine contact me to reprint  […]

Day In The Life: 6/18/2012

Activity for today I made several calls this morning to find a life insurance company that will insure life contingent structured settlements.  I have 2 brokers lined up to send me business if I can find a carrier.  Looks like the market has dried up.  My IMO can’t find any so I called a few […]