Marketing Life Insurance Where No One Else Is

Online marketing for life insurance is always changing.

2 years ago, blogging for life insurance leads was easy and inexpensive for an independent agent to generate leads – now you have to go beyond writing great content and think of creative ways to promote it because there’s a more competition and the rules keep changing.  Also – 3 years ago, calling aged life insurance leads in a dialer worked great – now there’s more competition so the returns aren’t as good (yet still a good ROI).

What I’m trying to say is what works today, won’t always work well tomorrow.

The acceleration in my business happened quickly because I was doing what a lot of agents weren’t doing at that point in time.  These kinds of opportunities are out there today and will always be out there.

Here are some under served areas in online marketing for life insurance:

Mobile Marketing
Over 30% of my organic traffic comes from mobile devices.  Did you know you that it’s forcasted that in 2015, there will be more mobile search traffic than desktop search traffic (source)?  Is your site fit for mobile traffic?  Did you know you can advertise ONLY to mobile devices and it’s much cheaper than regular online advertising?

Facebook Targeting
When most agents think Facebook, they think about making a business page, gathering “likes” and posting messages promoting your products to those likes.  I’ll be the first to say, this doesn’t work.  What I’m suggesting is advertising on Facebook.  Did you know that since FB collects so much information about you, that you can niche down your advertising?

Lets say you wanted to target married men, with children, over age 35 in the 90210 zip code….easy.  You can also target Scuba Divers, over the age of 50 who are business owners nationwide.  The combinations are endless.  Facebook has this information and you can get front and center on their newsfeed.

Also…did you know you can also upload email addresses and find out if they have a FB account and advertise to them?  Those old lead files you have sitting around – perfect.  Your client list, even better!  What about uploading your aged lead list in there before making the calls so they may recognize your name?  Even your current real time leads?

Video and Audio Marketing

There’s some agents doing video, but most aren’t marketing it correctly.  There’s much more than just creating a nice video and uploading to youtube to make it rank.  I haven’t seen an agent do it consistently either.

You know what I’m not seeing?  Audio.  I would love to see a life insurance blog with MP3 clips.  Show your personality and make researching life insurance a more engaging experience.

Bing/Yahoo Ads

Bing/Yahoo ads are cheaper than Adwords from Google.  I bet there’s some killer opportunities in PPC advertising with Bing/Yahoo for those who test enough.


Be bold and market yourself as:

SBA Lender Life Insurance Guy
Veterans Life Insurance Expert

Then go where these people are.  What e-mail lists do they subscribe to?  Market there.  What conferences do they attend?  Go there. Etc.  Where can you get lists of people in this niche?  Find them.  Basically leverage other sources to get yourself in front of your chosen niche.

Here are 2 examples of agents leveraging a niche: (over 64,000 Facebook “likes” and great engagement) (collects e-mail upfront and drips highly relevant content over time)

I rarely see life insurance agents being bold and marketing themselves as an expert in one area.  With that said, one of my best agents (he’ll place $300k+ this year) only works 1 niche and he dominates it.  100% of his applications are done over the phone (through EZlife) and 99% of his clients are within this 1 niche.

The Challenge

I challenge any agent to take a few months to learn the ins and outs of just 1 under served marketing opportunity (these are just a few).  There are online courses and articles all over the net to teach yourself how to do it.  Then have the guts to invest in your own skills to power your own marketing.

You don’t have to be the best at marketing, you just need to know enough to get the job done.

There is a ton of opportunity out there for agents willing to teach themselves how to market.  Are you willing to invest in yourself?