Inbound Marketing

Know Your Data

If you want to build an efficient online life insurance business, you need to analyze your data. Online marketing or calling on life insurance leads is “direct marketing”.  And direct marketing is all about your data. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying leads, mailings, e-mail marketing, PPC or SEO – you need to keep your […]

Small Marketing Budget? Hustle Always Works

Is it possible to breakthrough in online marketing for life insurance with a small marketing budget?  YES.  Absolutely 100%, yes.  1,000 times yes. Do many agents breakthrough into selling life insurance over the phone with small marketing budgets? NO. The reason is most life insurance agents are lazy.  Plain and simple. If an agent were […]

Realistic Expectations for an Agent Marketing Online

I speak with new agents all the time and a popular question is “how much can I expect to make my 1st year in the business?” That question is so loaded, I usually turn it around on them and ask, “how much time and money are you willing to invest?”  Because that’s the key ingredient […]

Niche Selection

One of the biggest decision you’ll make in your life insurance business is selecting your niche.  The niche you choose is often more important than how good you are at selling life insurance. I know some great agents who are articulate, knowledgeable, great sales experience and have ample leads – but can’t break through the […]

Networking – It’s Not Just For Face To Face Sales

One thing I’ve learned over the years of marketing for life insurance online is you can’t do it yourself.  You have to leverage the knowledge and resources of others. That’s how I’ve built my entire business. Every single agent I work with that generates their own leads and places over $100k in premium online and […]

Your Life Insurance Blog is NOT a Business

A life insurance blog is NOT a business.  A life insurance blog is a marketing channel. You, your sales skills, your back end office, your technology and your marketing channels are your business. Many agents are getting this confused.  Your life insurance blog is just 1 tool in your marketing quiver and you shouldn’t rely […]

Marketing Life Insurance Where No One Else Is

Online marketing for life insurance is always changing. 2 years ago, blogging for life insurance leads was easy and inexpensive for an independent agent to generate leads – now you have to go beyond writing great content and think of creative ways to promote it because there’s a more competition and the rules keep changing.  […]

How I Bootstrapped my Main Lead Generation Website

A lot of agents ask me how I started Rootfin. If you’re not familiar with the term bootstrapping – it’s starting a business with limited money, time or resources. You’ll see that it was quite the journey of bootstrapping Rootfin.  I made a lot of mistakes and had to be very patient. Here’s my Story […]

Case Study: Marketing Will Make or Break You

The hardest part about selling life insurance over the phone is finding a good lead source.  6 years ago, you could make a great profit off of most lead sources out there.  Now a good lead source is rare and if it really is THAT good, a deep pockets call center will buy them up […]

Rolling With The Punches – Penguin 2.0

For all the life insurance agents out there that have websites that bring in leads from Google, last week’s release of Penguin 2.0 shook the life insurance search results up a bit. Personally, I have several life insurance websites that generate leads from Google search – my main website took a 20%(ish) hit in traffic […]