Life Insurance Inbound Marketing

Question for you agents:  Would you rather call leads all day or have prospects contact you?

For life insurance agents, the dream is to have inbound marketing where you have a constant flow of prospects contacting you.

So how in the world can one agent develop their own inbound marketing system?

For the last year, I’ve been a student of inbound marketing as it pertains to our industry.  I’ve spent 1,000’s of dollars and countless hours of absorbing knowledge on creating “pull” marketing systems as opposed to “push” marketing within the life insurance marketplace.

To clarify, “Pull” marketing means prospects contact me and “push” meaning, I’m contacting prospects.

I made the switch full time from push to pull marketing in April.  I was making outbound calls using aged life insurance leads until I finally had enough prospects contacting me that I no longer had to buy leads.  It took me exactly 1 year to create this.

And let me tell you:  It. Is. Awesome.

Inbound marketing as it relates to selling life insurance over the phone comes in 2 forms:

Online marketing – website, SEO, social media, email marketing, content marketing etc.
Referral relationships – there are some seriously untapped niches out there not many agents are targeting.

With both of these forms of inbound marketing, the BASIC premise is

1.  Establish yourself as an expert (carve out your niche and own it)
2.  Get found
3.  Convert

This takes TIME.  It took me a year.

As of today I have more leads and referrals than I can handle.  These aren’t your typical web leads, these are people that want to buy from YOU or your agency.  In fact, within the next 3-6 months, I’ll be looking for someone to work directly with me as I expect my leads and referrals to be able to support someone else full time.

My suggestion for anyone interested in inbound marketing is to work your ass off outbound marketing for a year and carve out some time for inbound marketing.  Like I said, it takes time to develop and to even understand.

In future blogs, I’ll be writing about specific ways to help your online marketing and generate referral relationships.  This article was just to give everyone an introduction to inbound marketing since many agents have never heard the term, but know the concept.

For the record, I don’t consider myself an expert in inbound marketing, I’m more of a fanatical student.  What I’ll be writing about in future blogs is what has been successful for me as an independent life insurance agent.  There’s a lot to write about so stay tuned.

If you want more information now, just do a Google search for “Inbound Marketing”.  There’s a TON of content on the web to get you started.

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