The Mindset of Selling Life Insurance Over The Phone

I speak with agents every week who could kill it in this business, but are held back because of  limiting beliefs.

Selling life insurance over the phone just takes a certain mindset.

Break Away From Limiting Beliefs

Allow me to get philosophical here.  I’ve had this discussion with a couple agents who told me this was helpful, so I’ll pass it on here.

If you have thoughts along the lines of:  “Agents who sell life insurance over the phone are different than me.  They can market, sell and have the product and underwriting knowledge that I don’t have”, you have a limiting belief.

I get this on the phone regularly (in one form or another).  Agents think that they can’t do something because they don’t have the experience.  Just remember that everyone started somewhere.

You need to shift your mindset from any limiting beliefs to be successful in this business.  Instead of the previous thought, your mindset needs to switch to something like “My ability to have a successful business selling life insurance over the phone depends on my own unique skills… which I can develop with time and effort”.

This all may sound a little corny, but it’s important.  All the successful agents selling over the phone have their own unique styles and marketing methods, but they all share the same mindset and don’t have any limiting beliefs.

If you can’t shake your limiting beliefs, there’s only so much myself or any other trainer or mentor can do for you.  In my opinion, limiting beliefs are the biggest reason agents fail in this business.

This is Sales and Marketing Business

Once you crush those limiting beliefs, you need to realize this is a sales and marketing business.

Don’t convince yourself you’re an advisor or a consultant or whatever buzz word you can think of.  You’re a marketer first, sales person second and then your favorite buzz word.

Relying on buying life insurance leads is a great way to get started and make some money.  However, to rely solely on purchased leads is a one way ticket out of this business.  Lead companies come and go and so does quality.

Extract ideas from working life insurance leads in the beginning to grow your business in the future.  Use life insurance leads to figure out what you’re good at, who you like working with, what opportunities are out there, what market is under served, what niches you want to pursue etc.

Figuring out your marketing can take years for some people, months for others.  It takes a lot of testing and as long as you keep testing, you’re progressing. You’ll get there.

Keep Progressing

Once you figure out your marketing, you grow your business from there.  You have to treat this like a journey where you’ll never stop progressing.

Have the courage to do things others won’t.

Or as Steve Jobs puts it: “Stay hungry. Stay foolish”.

Once you do figure it out, that’s when you scale and your income multiplies.

It all starts with overcoming your limiting beliefs.

Work A System

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Why am I recommending this specific platform?

1) It cash flows well. Final expense gets approved within 2 days and with some carriers immediately. Then you’re paid the next week.  In other words, the money you spend on leads today can result in commissions in your pocket next week.
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3) High quality, low cost leads.

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