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This week, I’m taking a little bit of a different approach. A lot of people are starting life insurance websites and not seeing any results.  I’ll be highlighting several listener questions about selling life insurance online. I’ll explain what successful life insurance marketers are doing, and what separates them from agents who have websites, but aren’t generating any leads.

I’ll also talk about how to get started prospecting online, where to prospect, what methods you should be using, and the benefits of mastering an outbound strategy. In today’s episode, you’ll hear some valuable techniques that will help make sense of the world of life insurance online.

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  • There was a lot of talk about if joining MDRT is worth it, since the deadline is right around the corner. Even though many internet life insurance agents easily qualify for MDRT, is it really worth the money to join?scenarios and preferred pricing is even competitive with fully underwritten carriers. This will be a game-changer.
  • We had a great discussion on selling final expense over the phone. It’s a completely different animal than face-to-face sales. We are all selling it as we come across it, but is it worth it to target it while selling over the phone? We discuss the pros and cons.
  • We also had a great topic about designing your website for impact. Many life insurance agents concentrate on building traffic, but you don’t need to build more traffic if you have a website that gets people to fill out your quote request forms.

Learn how you can get access to these discussions, a powerful community of like-minded life insurance agents, and much much more by visiting the SellTermLife Community.

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