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This week, my guest is Scott Burke from Scott has been in insurance for over 17 years and is now considered to be one of the leading final expense experts in the industry.

Scott spent 20 years as a motorcycle dealer before his career change into funeral pre-need and final expense insurance. We discuss mistakes that agents make, the top finial expense guaranteed-issue companies, and the characteristics of the majority of the final expense customers. Don’t miss Scott’s game-changing tactics and tips that can be easily adopted and applied to your own business.

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  • This week in the community there is a topic on third party exclusive leads. These are internet leads that are $25-35 and only sold to one agent, supposedly. These leads can be profitable if worked right, but personally I don’t know a single independent life insurance agent that works these leads as their sole source of income. I also go into why it just can’t work for 99% of the agents out there.
  • There is also a discussion on diligent follow-up on new leads. We shared a Google document from a very high-volume call center on their follow up process. It covers when they are calling, how many times they are calling, what they are selling and when they are leaving messages. The biggest thing to note is the use of text messaging ,which gets a great response. We go into what they are saying in these texts as well.
  • So we also introduce the Transamerica thread, where we talk about everything Transamerica, including underwriting times, and their sweet spots where they are typically the best option.

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