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This week, I am talking with Joe Anthony, CEO of J.A. & Associates, about how to market and manage your reputation as a life insurance agent. Joe works with local companies with an average earning potential between one and ten million dollars a year. He teaches them how to build their online reputation and monitor it for years to come.

Joe will share his four-step impeccable reputation marketing strategy on how to build, market, monitor, and cultivate an online standing. Listen in to find out what many agents are  doing to hurt their reputation and hinder their success in business.

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  • This week in the community, we talk about obstacles to getting the sale and how to overcome them. How to understand your expected credibility versus your exceptional credibility and the differences between them.
  • We also discuss your assumptive mini-closes and one-liners.
  • There are always going to be those people who do not want us to call them; we share some of the angry voice-mails that we have received in the past.

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