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This week, I’ve invited Jason Patterson on to the show to talk about SEO strategies. Jason has been instrumental in the success of my search engine rankings. I’ll be talking to him about advice he thinks is crucial for life insurance agents to succeed in ranking their own sites. We’ll also talk about a site that we partnered on that was generating up to 49 organic life insurance leads per day, and submitting over $100,000 worth of applications per month that suddenly tanked. Jason is an SEO ninja, and he knows how to generate leads for life insurance agents. If you’re looking to improve your online positioning, this is an episode you can’t miss.

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  • This week, we had a member drop a huge value bomb with a do-it-yourself, step-by-step instruction on how to get a sticky quote form on your website. We are seeing a huge increase in conversions when people add these to your site, and these guys put together a how-to guide that is incredibly valuable.
  • We also talk about the re-branding that is about to happen with American General. They are going back to the old AIG Life Insurance name in the next couple of weeks, so we discuss the implications of that.
  • As far as field underwriting goes, there was a highly detailed thread on underwriting breast cancer that would help anybody out.
  • We also had a discussion about life insurance for juvenile diabetics under the age of eighteen. We have confirmation of one company that will take diabetics under 18, which is a great niche because many parents are looking to secure coverage for their kids, and if you can get the children insurance, you are much more likely to get the parents insurance as well.

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