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On this week’s episode, Brian Greenberg joins me from Brian started out in 2004 and has had some very successful life insurance websites since his start in the business.

Brian chronicles his journey from his fresh-out-of-college job at MetLife to becoming one of the most successful soft sale life insurance agents. We discuss what has set him apart from other agents, his 5 vital steps to success, and where he believes that life insurance is headed. Don’t miss these valuable tactics that you can easily implement today, to start and expand your online business.

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  • There was a topic discussing your daily activity. For those of us that started in the industry in one of the big mutuals’, you’ve probably heard of the one card system. The one card system is based around activities, and if you do these certain activities every day your production will fall into place and you will have a successful life insurance business. It is also run on a points system. Well, we are internet life insurance agents and many of these activities don’t apply to us because that system was created decades ago. So I think there is huge value in determining your daily key performance indicators and then tracking them. I’m talking about habits that are track-able and that you have full control over. So no, one application a day is not track-able because you don’t have control over that. We then discuss these metrics.
  • There’s also a topic on what you legally need to put on your life insurance website. You know those terms and conditions and state licenses that you see on the footer of a lot of our websites? Well, they are on there for a reason – if you don’t list the correct state licenses or have a privacy policy and terms of use on your website, the life insurance company compliance department can contact you and make you do it. So this really isn’t a big deal because they mostly target highly trafficked sites and then just tell you what to do so this is more of a proactive step in case you do become a target.

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