Extracting Value From Your Book Of Life Insurance Clients

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This week, we’ll be talking about every life insurance agent’s greatest asset; their book of business. I’ve invited Lee Martinez on to the podcast to share some very actionable tips and advice on how to manage your clients.

Lee has is a wealth of information on re-writing terms and generating real, organic referral business . In today’s episode, you’ll hear some of the best strategies for creating new business from your existing client list.

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  • Our bragging thread had a ton of activity, as several of our agents had outstanding, one-of-a-kind success stories this week. The cool thing is that they were all from self-generated internet life insurance leads.
  • Some insider information leaked on a non-med life insurance company that is about to release a product with an online application and instant decision on Monday. They are teasing the release, but we have the inside scoop on it, and it is going to be huge.
  • There was a conversation started by Chris from ELifetools.com about non-organic lead generation, including Facebook ads. Some very valuable information was shared, including an example of a life insurance landing page that’s converting at 45% on paid traffic.

Learn how you can get access to these discussions, a powerful community of like-minded life insurance agents, and much much more by visiting the SellTermLife Community.

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