Changes To SellTermLife

Photo Oct 22, 6 24 37 AMQuick update.

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks working from the beach in Koh Samui, Thailand.  That’s why there’s been no podcast or e-mail updates for a while.  (That’s me working from the pool where the wifi was faster than my office!)

During that time I re-evaluated how I can help agents.

I’m adding more services and opportunities for agents, but scaling back on the podcast episodes.

Here are the changes coming to


The podcast won’t be a weekly podcast anymore.

I decided that quality is better than quantity.  I found myself producing a podcast just to get a show released every Thursday.

We have a perfect 5-Star Review on iTunes (THANK YOU!) at the time of this article and want to continue bringing you information to move your business forward.

With that said, the podcast will still be released on Thursday mornings, they’ll just be a bit more intermittent, maybe 2 per month or so.  I’ll send an email and Facebook announcement when new podcasts are released.  If you subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher, they’ll automatically be downloaded when they’re released.

As all of you know, my main income is from life insurance commissions, not this website.  In order for me to keep pushing with technology and staying on top of internet marketing, I need to keep my focus on building my agency and sharing everything I learn in the community.


Here’s a few stats:

81% of the community logs in DAILY.  Most multiple times per day.

We have a 93% retention rate.  

These stats are very telling of the quality of information being shared and discussed.  I think everyone in the community will tell you that it’s the best online resource for their business.  Strategies and information you won’t find ANYWHERE.

Here’s the changes:

I’m removing all recurring payments for our founding members that have added value to the community in it’s early stages.  This for anyone who joined January through April.  They’ll have free lifetime access.

I’ll be raising the cost of the community within the next 2 weeks for future members and/or making it 1 lifetime payment instead of recurring.

I know this will price out many of you and that’s exactly what I want to do.  Price out the one’s that aren’t investing in their business.  Again, I want to maintain the high quality of content and conversation.

I also don’t want many agents having access to the information inside. My goal isn’t to have a big community, it’s to have a tight nit community of agents sharing ideas and investing in their business.

Agent Opportunities

Within the next 2 weeks, be on the lookout for a full-time remote sales opportunity.  I’ll send an email announcing it.

We’re generating more leads than we can handle and need help.

We’ll be providing as many exclusive leads as you can handle within our “plug and play” CRM.  We’ll be needing a few agents immediately and more as time goes on.  More details to come when we formally release this.

New Projects To Help Independent Agents Generate Leads

In an effort to help agents make the move online (besides the community), I’m launching 2 new services.  They’re being built out right now.

Stay tuned!