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Anonymous Interview with a Life Insurance Underwriter

In this episode we interview a life insurance underwriter.  We’ll keep the life insurance company and underwriter name anonymous so the interview can be as candid as possible. We ask a broad range of questions from what it takes to become an underwriter, what their average case load is, if cover letters really help.  and […]

Marketing Life Insurance to Consumer 2.0

This episode covers the current state of life insurance marketing and the magnitude of the opportunity in front of us for 2015 and beyond. As we close out 2015, there’s a few opportunities agents haven’t fully grasped that I’ll also cover those in this episode. People in the episode: Jeff Root: [email protected] Mentioned on this episode: […]

No Exam Life Insurance with Sagicor’s President – Bart Catmull

This week we have Bart Catmull, President and COO of Sagicor Life Insurance. Bart and I have a conversation about Sagicor Life Insurance and the no medical exam life insurance marketplace.  Specifically his thoughts on where it’s going and challenges it faces. People in the episode: Jeff Root: [email protected] Bart Catmull Mentioned on this episode: Sagicor […]

Focusing On Client Experience with Tim Clairmont

This week we have Tim Clairmont, Founder of Clear Financial Partners, Top of the Table MDRT qualifier and author of “Passionate Ambivalence”. Tim is going to share with us his 4-step process for marketing and why he focuses on client experience over everything else. People in the episode: Jeff Root: [email protected] Tim Clairmont: Mentioned […]

New Agent Struggles with Nick Perry

Nick Perry is on this week’s episode of the Modern Life Insurance Selling Podcast.  He’s owner of the Independent Life Insurance Agent Association and we’ll be covering: 1.  Selling high risk cases and “on the fly” field underwriting tips. 2. What to do when you don’t have enough leads. 3.  Should you take advances or go as-earned? […]

Changes To SellTermLife

Quick update. I’ve spent the last 2 weeks working from the beach in Koh Samui, Thailand.  That’s why there’s been no podcast or e-mail updates for a while.  (That’s me working from the pool where the wifi was faster than my office!) During that time I re-evaluated how I can help agents. I’m adding more services […]

Life Insurance Leads from Bing with Jason Patterson

Jason Patterson returns to the podcast and we talk about all the success we’re having with Bing and why agents new to marketing online will get faster results when using the strategies discussed in this podcast with Bing. People in the episode: Jeff Root: [email protected] Jason Patterson Mentioned on this episode: Bing MLISP Episode #12: Life […]

Systematizing Your Business with Laura Harris

Laura Harris is a CLU, ChFC, CIC. She’s built her insurance business around creating systems and she’s willing to share those systems with you in this podcast. Her systems allow her to leave her office for 30 days at a time and feel confident the business is thriving. Laura is a firm believer in micromanaging […]

Life Insurance E-Signature Technology

An in depth discussion about life insurance e-signature technology.  If you’re selling over the phone and not using e-signatures, you’re losing out on a lot of business.  This podcast will discuss why and information on using e-signatures. People in the episode: Jeff Root: [email protected] Mentioned on this episode: iGo eApp Docusign Marketech Recent Action in the Sell […]

SEO, PPC and Re-Targeting with Liran Hirschkorn

An in depth discussion about how an agent is generating over 500 leads per month and the importance of teaching yourself to be a well rounded marketer. People in the episode: Jeff Root: [email protected] Liran Hirschkorn: [email protected] Mentioned on this episode: Lead Pages Adroll Perfect Audience SellTermLife Community Recent Action in the Sell Term Life Community: […]