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Always Be Using Trial Closes

If you sell life insurance over the phone and find yourself overcoming objections or “hard closing” at the end of a phone conversation, you’re probably not using trial closes. A trial close is used to get the prospect to agree with you WITHOUT making a decision throughout the conversation.  Let me show you what I […]

Week 3 Sales Challenge Update

For week 1 and 2’s recap, please click “Sales Challenge” under categories. The point of recapping my apps is for training purposes.  Hopefully you can get something out of them. I had 4 EZlife/Fully Underwritten Cases and 3 Simplified Issue cases this week. EZlife Case #1 Website Lead.  This guy called me asking for my […]

Make Your Prospects Believe You

The most successful agents selling life insurance over the phone are all “believable”. Sure they also have the knowledge, work ethic and consistent marketing, but that only gets you so far. Many agents that ask me for help that are robotic in their approach.   Meaning they get their prospect on the line and just start […]

Week 2 Sales Challenge Update

Here’s week 2’s recap for the 5 month sales challenge. The point of recapping my apps is for training purposes.  Hope you can get something out of them.  I learned something this week in case #6. Case #1: Website lead from over the weekend.  She spoke with 2 other agents and no one would write […]

Life Insurance Inbound Marketing

Question for you agents:  Would you rather call leads all day or have prospects contact you? For life insurance agents, the dream is to have inbound marketing where you have a constant flow of prospects contacting you. So how in the world can one agent develop their own inbound marketing system? For the last year, […]

Day In The Life: 6/18/2012

Activity for today I made several calls this morning to find a life insurance company that will insure life contingent structured settlements.  I have 2 brokers lined up to send me business if I can find a carrier.  Looks like the market has dried up.  My IMO can’t find any so I called a few […]

5 month sales challenge starts NOW!

To kick off Sell Term Life’s blog, I’ll be doing a 5 month challenge.  From 6/11 to 11/15, my goal is to submit $80,000 of annualized premium. That comes out to $16,000 per month or $4,000 submitted per week. Why am I documenting this?  For training and motivational purposes. A lot of agents ask me […]