Week 1 Sales Competition Results

Week 1 is in the books!

From 6/1 – 9/1, there are 10 of us competing for a Mac Book Pro sponsored by Banner Life Insurance.  For full contest rules, click here: 2013-Sales-Contest-Banner.

You’ll earn points for each submitted application, with a total of 10 points possible per application. Points are awarded based on the premium amount, with 1 bonus point available if the carrier chosen is from our sponsor, Banner Life. Points are awarded as follows:

• 6 points for the application for a case up to $500

• 7 points for an application up to $1000

• 8 points for an application up to $2000

• 9 points for an application up to $3000

• 10 points for an application over $3000

This weeks results:

We’re all using aliases to prevent being “Google Searched” as we don’t want any clients or even personal friends knowing our business.

“Howard Stern” CRUSHED it this week.  He submitted $24k on 11 applications!  “My Boy Blue” had a great week as well and definitely utilized the bonus points for submitting applications to Banner Life.  “Hurricane” went 3 for 3 in submitting Banner apps.  “Tropic Thunder” – what happened!? 🙂

Also.  Chris Huntley – My 6 month old son has a message for your kids (click the picture to enlarge):

It’s only the first week and as everyone knows, sales are streaky!  However, this is a great start to the competition.  8 out of 10 agents submitted at least $4k last week which is a very respectable week.

The cool thing about this competition is every single lead source from the production above are from sources built by independent life insurance agents (websites, media buying, referrals, social media outreach).  Also, we’re all using Pinney’s platform to submit and process our applications.  A no-brainer for anyone selling online and over the phone.

I personally am ONLY working referrals during this competition.  No website leads for me.  I’ll dive into some of these relationships and cases in future blog posts.

For Pinney’s update on the competition, click here.
For Chris Huntley’s update on the competion, visit his hubpage and click on “Week 1”.

Lastly, with week 1 behind us of the Banner sponsored sales contest, I wanted to highlight a HUGE reason to sell Banner policies. Banner is the ONLY carrier to offer Mediguide to their policyholders FREE of charge.  This is a big differentiator between Banner and the competition.  Agents rarely speak about the living benefits of life insurance, and this is one of them.  PLEASE watch the video below and convey the importance of this feature to your clients.