Sales Contest Announcement

Over the next 3 months, agents from Pinney Insurance/EZlife will participating in a sales contest sponsored by Banner Life.

I’ll be documenting the standings weekly with comments on marketing, underwriting and sales in general – very similar to the “Sales Challenge” I did 9 months ago.

Banner Life has donated a 13′ MacBook Pro to the winner.  2nd place will be a set of steak knives (think Glengarry Glen Ross).  3rd place…well you don’t want to know what 3rd place will get.

The idea for the contest started when Chris Huntley challenged me to a friendly sales contest.  Being the competitor that I am, I couldn’t resist.  From there, we gauged interest from other independent agents at Pinney and the response was great, so it’s GAME ON.

Starting 6/1 – this contest will track applications submitted to underwriting on a point system.  Myself and Chris will be blogging about our sales and marketing to help train agents.  I’ll be linking to Chris’ updates from my updates so you can learn from him as well.  Chris has a hubpage for this contest where you can follow.

For those of you that don’t know Chris Huntley – He runs and several other high quality life insurance sites.  He’s generated over 13,000 life insurance leads on IBBC alone and employs 3 full-time agents and an assistant to help with his leads.

Both of us use EZlife/Pinney Insurance as our IMO because they simply are the best at helping us sell more life insurance online and over the phone.  They provide the best tools/service on the market.

For official details about the contest, point system and rules – Here’s the official PDF: 2013-Sales-Contest-Banner.

We will be posting weekly results using anonymous names to protect our identities from Google searches and potential recruiters head hunting us.  However, if you follow along, you’ll know whose who.

For those of you scared to enter because you don’t have the amount of lead flow we get, don’t be.  I personally don’t even work my leads unless I have to- I take overflow leads when agents aren’t available.  Chris has a similar way of doing business.  In fact, I’m withdrawing myself from the prizes (but still competing), UNLESS I take 3rd place.  I need a new dart board picture.

If you’d like to participate in the sales contest, please let me know.  888-430-7668.