It’s been quiet around here lately and I’ve been getting lots of emails of when the podcast will start back up etc, so it’s time for another update.

Update #1: I’ve closed the community to new members. I also stopped all recurring payments for current members. Those members who are contributing are getting access as long as the community is thriving.  Access to the community will open up again sometime in the future.

Update #2: I’m taking a short hiatus from the podcast, but will be back within a couple months.

Update #3: After 2 years of helping agents on this blog/podcast, I know where I can help agents the most and re-focus my energy to that subset of agents.

It’s important to understand that my #1 priority is my own internet life insurance agency. It always has been and always will be.  I make 90% of my income from my agency.  I just happen to have a passion for helping other agents and sharing everything I know.

So what’s best for me right now is to turn the mic off, shut up, sit down and focus on scaling my online agency and building these resources for everyone. The stuff I’m creating and skills I’m developing will benefit everyone more than a podcast and community ever will.

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