Closing Out The Year

We’re closing out the year here at and preparing to deliver some epic content in January and for the rest of 2014.  If there’s anything you’d like us to cover, please comment and we’ll be sure to cover it.

We just started a Facebook Page – be sure to like us for updates.

Our first podcast is scheduled to go live on 1/16 and new episodes will be released every Thursday morning at 6 AM EST.  I’m a little nervous to get behind a mic but hey, it’s better than drafting blog posts!  I’ll be interviewing industry and marketing experts and answering listener questions about building an online life insurance business.  I’ve got some great topics to cover that will surely help your business and some guests lined up ready to dish their knowledge.

Our community is shaping up and will be open to the public soon.  Some great conversations starting.

I hope everyone had a great year and here’s to crushing it in 2014!