A Few Opportunities Available

If you’re an experienced agent and licensed in most states or willing to get licensed in most states, I have a few available opportunities:

1)  Lead generating website

Currently, I have 1 available.  It generates 75-100+ leads per month and growing.  You’ll also get all inbound calls and “application requests”.

Cost?  $1500/mo. and you must be contracted with EZlife and willing to take leads nationwide.  Month to month contract.  I can raise the price at any time based on lead flow.

What makes this different than buying real time leads?  These are organic leads (google searches) and you’ll be calling from the website they filled out the form on.  Inbound calls and application requests are converting very high – you’ll get all of those.

I’ll guarantee a good ROI since I own the site.

More websites will be available later this year when they get to a respectable monthly lead level.

2)  SEO website help

Minimum $750/mo. for 6 months.  You can scale down after that if you wish (you won’t want to when you see the results).  I can put you in touch with 2 agents who we’ve done this for and after 4 months receive over 2 leads per day + inbound calls and growing.  Currently they’re receiving more than that.  This would use the same process I used to market the site I’m offering above.

This is actually an introduction to my SEO guy who only works in the insurance niche.  $750/mo. is the minimum commitment from him.  He’s currently taking 1 more life insurance client.

3) Overflow exclusive real-time leads at $5/piece

These are impaired risk leads and must be taken nationwide (you must be willing to sell in all 50 states) and you must be an experienced agent who knows how to help high risks.

I have a relationship with a lead vendor that has on average 50 “overflow” exclusive real-time leads every WEEK that are given to us at $5/ea.  Bogus leads are fully refundable.  Very high ROI on this for the right agent.

**currently I have 2 agents splitting these, but I can put you on a wait list.  Both agents  have other marketing and may pull out at any time due to excessive lead flow.
I’ll have more opportunities throughout the year, so stay tuned.  I’ll be announcing them on my email newsletter (which I rarely send out), so make sure you’re signed up.  Working on some big referral partners and marketing a few new kick ass lead generation websites.

If you’re interested in any of these, please give me a call: Jeff Root 888-430-7668 x101