Week 7 Sales Challenge Update

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The point of recapping my apps for the week are for training purposes.

I had a decent week.  I kept my pace of submitting at least $4,000 every week, but it doesn’t look that good coming off my last 2 good weeks($11k and $13k submitted).

This week I spent a lot of time developing content for 2 other life insurance lead websites I’m launching which dug into my selling time.  I also spent a more than normal amount of time marketing my main website this week.  I know these extra efforts will pay off in the future, but had to sacrafice some selling time.  On top of that, I spoke with 5 new agents this week in which I decided to work with 2 of them because I think I’ll be able to develop them into monster producers.

With that said, this week I gave my website leads to another agent at a split and I took all the call ins and application requests.  He sent 2 applications for $1368 total.  One non-med Assurity application and 1 Genworth application.  I obviously don’t have the details for these, so I can’t comment on the specifics like I usually do.  We’re splitting 50/50 so I’m counting $684 (50% of $1368) toward my premium for the week.

On top of that, I did 3 EZlife applications, 2 Fidelity applications, an Americo non-med term application and a paper Prudential application.

EZlife application #1:  Website Lead.  I spoke with her and her husband over 2 months ago and did a screen share via Adobe Connect Now to go over their current policies.  We applied for “Preferred” rates, but her cholesterol levels were high – 295 total cholesterol, HDL 64.5 and LDL 207.   She was offered Standard with Trans and her rates were unacceptable to move forward, so I sent the risk to ING for a tentative offer because their underwriting guidelines go up to 300 for total cholesterol for preferred rates.  They sent me back a tentative “preferred plus” offer.  She was happy with the offer, so all we had to do was get a signature on an ING app and send it off since we already had her APS and Exam.  This should be approved within 2 weeks.  App out $1224.

EZlife application #2:  Referral.  This guy has asthma and smokes and needs coverage to secure a loan.  I asked if he’s been diagnoses with COPD and he said he hasn’t…but I know and the underwriters will know it’s only a matter of time.   I’ve had Table 4 approvals with asthma and smoking in the past, but to be conservative with this guy, I quoted a Table 6 with Banner.  He’s only 40, so the premium isn’t too bad.  App out $732.

EZlife application #3: Website Call In.  This is an attorney who chews tobacco.  His wife did the research online and had him call me.  He received “smoker” quotes from another carrier in the $200/mo range.  With Prudential they offer “non-smoker plus” which is “Standard Plus” for smokeless tobacco users.  I quoted him Standard rates because of his build though.  App out $1224.

Americo Non-Med Term App: Website Call In.  This guy wanted a no-medical exam policy for $100k.  He was in Florida so I couldn’t write him with my “go-to” non-med carrier, Fidelity.  Their new product isn’t approved there yet (hopefully soon!).  So we completed an application with Americo.  Assurity may have been less expensive, but this guy seemed in a hurry and I can quote Americo with their software downloaded on my desktop, so I just went with them.  The rates were fine with him (he just took 1 blood pressure pill and no other health issues).  App out $456

Paper Prudential Application: Old Parasol Lead.  I wrote this guy and his wife over 5 months ago from a Parasol lead through EZlife.  He was declined with Genworth because of Elevated Liver Functions, but I got his wife approved and in force.  I gave him an alternative to go with Prudential at Table 2 rates at a reduced face amount and term length when I presented his wife’s approval (I sent his liver enzyme results to Pru and they responded back with Table B).  They agreed to follow through so I had EZlife mail them the Prudential app.  They called and sent e-mails for a month before closing it out in April.  To my surprise, I received this email from EZlife:

They finally received the signed application in the mail (over 3 months later).   We’ll use the same medical exam and APS and since this had a tentative offer in writing, we should get this approved within 2 weeks.  App out $912

Fidelity Applications:  These 2 applications were both referrals who needed coverage to secure a loan.  App out $929

Considering the extra marketing time I spent this week and my production, it was a very strong week.  I apped out a total of $6161

My production wasn’t as strong as my previous weeks, but I’m happy with it.

Total premium apped out this week: $6161
Total premium to date (over 7 weeks): $49,420

I’m WAYYYY ahead of pace to hit my 5 month goal of $80k submitted.  This next week I’ll be taking Friday off and headed to a wedding in Denver, CO for the weekend so production might be a little light next week and my update blog might not be posted until the next week.

Also, I had a comment asking how I do screen shares and what programs I use and will post that in a blog this week or next.  If anyone else has any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment.