Week 4 Sales Challenge Update

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The point of recapping my apps for the week are for training purposes.

This was a short week because of 4th of July.  Even shorter for me since I was sick the 5th of July.  Only got 3 days in of work this week, but still managed to exceed my weekly goal.  I did 3 EZlife applications and 2 non-med term applications this week.

Here are the EZlife Apps (erased client names):

EZLife App #1:  Website call in and 1 call close.  This 62 y/o Male had a Bankers Life UL policy for 20 years that imploded on him.  He searched for “No Lapse Universal Life Insurance Quotes” on Google and found me.  All this guy wanted was guarantees and something he didn’t have to worry about imploding.  He read my article and did some other research and called me.  He takes a blood pressure med, but it’s under control.  App Out for $1860

EZLife App #2: Website call in.  She had Stage 0 Breast Cancer and had a mastectomy last year and finished chemo/radiation early this year with no sign of recurrance.  Her Conseco life insurance policy just passed the guarantee period and she needed to do something quick.  She spoke with another agent who tried to sell her graded death benefit.  I told her that it’s going to be a $7 flat extra for at least 3 years and explained to her what that meant.  After showing her the rates, she was fine with it.  It will be $197/mo for 3 years and then drop to around $100/mo after 3 years assuming everything she told me was accurate.  I’m supposed to call on Monday to take care of her husbands application for $97/mo. as well.  App out for $2364

EZLife App #3:  Referral.  This man is 5’10 370 which immediately puts him at a Table 5 with PRU (decline with most) according to xrae.  He also has controlled sleep apnea with CPAP and Type 2 diabetes(go figure) with a1c’s in the 6.7 range.  I quoted him a Table 8 with Prudential and this case will be 50/50 at best for getting approved.  I typed up a nice cover letter to hopefully position it in the best light possible.  App Out for $1212

App #4: Referral.  Fidelity Life.  Healthy 28 year old.  Needed coverage for a loan.  Applied with Fidelity and already approved and on my commission statement for next week.  Small one though.  App Out for $286

App #5: Referral.  This guy was in underwriting for 3 months with Transamerica with another agent.  Had to do with obtaining his medical records.  He has controlled Type 2 diabetes and on Metformin.  I quoted him Americo Non-Med term for $48/mo which was $18 more per month than Trans.  As long as everything is controlled and he complete’s their diabetic questionnaire, he’ll be approved just fine.  He was fed up and we did the application over the phone and he sent it back signed right away.  App Out for $576

I’ll admit.  I did my Fidelity app on Tuesday and the other 4 applications on Friday.  I was worried about it being a crappy sales week but Friday was really busy for me.  That’s the ebb and flow of life insurance phone sales though.  You get used to it.

Total Premium apped out this week: $6298
Total Premium to date (over 4 weeks): $18,859
This week put me $2859 ahead of my goal of $80k over 5 months.  Lets keep up the pace!