Week 12 Sales Challenge Update

For weeks 1-11′s recap, please click “Sales Challenge” under Categories. My goal is to hit $80k in 5 months (20 weeks). Results are at the bottom on this post.

The point of the sales challenge and recapping my apps for the week are for training purposes.

This week, I focused on building out a couple other niche websites. I also developed some partnerships to outsource the marketing of these sites. The cool part about this week is I got featured in The Life Foundation’s blog. The Life Foundation organizes “Life Insurance Awareness Month” and is supported by everyone in our industry.   Pretty pumped to be featured on their blog.

One of my agents had a huge week.  This guy is new with me and didn’t need any training or help with leads.  In fact, he doesn’t even want to disclose to me how he’s marketing.  He has everything in place and just saw the value in EZlife and is crushing it.  He submitted 13 applications for $17,436 in premium through EZlife this week.  Baller.

Ok, on to the production.  This week I only worked my referrals and sent all my website leads to another agent at a split.  With that said, 7 of my 8 applications this week were referrals. This week I had 1 EZ life application, 1 Americo Application and 6 Fidelity Applications.

My 1 EZlife application:

EZlife App #1:  This was a call in from my website.  I actually spoke with the son of the insured because the father didn’t speak very good English.  There were no medical issues, so I quoted preferred rates on a $100k GUL.  The issue here was the son wanted to be the owner of the policy.  You need to tread lightly in these situations.  There’s something called the “Goodman Triangle” where the benefits could become taxable if there’s more than 1 beneficiary if the owner isn’t the proposed insured.  Many agents overlook this.  Do a google search and learn more about this.  App Out $1661.

Americo App: This was a referral.  I would have gone with Fidelity, but their new product isn’t approved in FL yet.  App out $336

Fidelity Apps:  6 applications for $2,173

5 of the 6 applications are approved and in force.  1 of them was declined due to the pharmacy report.  So I already placed $1635 of those Fidelity applications!

Working referrals is so easy.  There are so many different referral sources out there, you just have to do the research and make the calls.  I’ve given several of my agents ways to develop referral sources, but no one goes after them.  One of my goals in 2013 is to develop several more referral sources (completely cold) and I’ll document how that goes on this blog.

For this week, I BARELY squeaked by my weekly target premium of $4k per week.

Total premium apped out over week 12: $4170
Total premium to date (over 12 weeks): $72,532

This week will be a short week, not just because of the Labor Day holiday, but because I’m leaving for Maui on Wednesday afternoon.  I’ll be there all next week as well.  I’ll be working very short days while in Maui, but I’ll still be working.  The great thing about being an independent life insurance agent who sells over the phone is you can work from anywhere!

Only $7,468 more to go to hit my goal.  I’m wayyy ahead of pace (12/20 weeks).  Aloha.