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Wednesday February 20th at 10:30 AM PST

Making Millions with 21st Century Technology: Harnessing the Internet, Social Media and Mobile Technology to Thrive


Jeff Rose, CFP is a Social Media Superstar and blogging sensation who runs one of the most successful financial blogs (GoodFinancialCents.com and  LifeInsuranceByJeff.com) on the internet and has collected millions in AUM, annuities, and life sales using his blog to attract and convert prospects into clients and raving fans.

Ryan Pinney is a recognized expert at using technology and the power of the internet and social media to drive business.  His firm sold more than 16,000 policies online last year and provided 1,000’s of agents with the same tools he used to do it.

Nic West is a master on the phone and working internet leads for life insurance.  Over the past 7 years he has sold more than 6,000 policies direct to consumer – never meeting one of his clients face-to-face –and has helped 100’s of agents learn to do the same.

Jeff Root has placed over 2,000 life insurance policies online and over the phone and shows other agents to do the same.  He’ll be speaking on a few strategies and technologies that he credits for the explosive growth in his life insurance business over the last year.

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