Underground Elephant Life Insurance Leads

We recently interviewed James Riebol, VP of Business Development over at Underground Elephant, regarding their life insurance leads.

They’ve just launched into the insurance lead space and while I personally have never worked them, I’ve had good feedback from other agents who have had success with their leads so they are now on my recommended list.

Watch the quick 10 minute interview here (cliffs notes below the screencast):

Interview Summary:

Source Traffic In House (1:19 – 2:16)
Disposition Data Optimization – You tell them what you sold and they will “double down” on that source for you.  Month over month, you’ll get better conversions if you work with them and give them feedback. (2:17-3:13)
Exclusive and Shared Lead Prices – (4:20-5:58)
Unlimited lead return policy details – (5:59-7:36)
Order Minimums – (7:40-8:40)

To get a better idea of how they work, watch this video:

As many of you know, I have a pulse on the life insurance lead space because I speak with life insurance agents who sell over the phone daily.   This is the only company I know of that works with their lead buyers to optimize their campaigns.

I’m hearing some very good things about their leads – nothing mind blowing, but definitely better than any other public lead source out there.  It’s still early, but so far so good.

Check them out at: Underground Elephant.