Podcast on Hiatus until August 28th

We’re creating and fine-tuning more ways to serve you than a podcast.

Finding guests, outlining shows, recording and finally producing the podcast takes a significant amount of time (and money).  So please be patient as we create other ways to provide value to you.

You’ve probably noticed the site got a new re-design.  Check that off the list.

We’ve had a lot of requests for coaching and online marketing advice the last few months…so we’re piecing together the “Life Insurance Marketing Playbook” customized to your business.  Learn more about that here…(still in beta)

We’ve put together some great “how-to” guides agents have been asking for and will release those soon.

Just know that our heads are down creating great content to grow a more profitable life insurance business.  Then we’ll be back on the air bringing you weekly episodes of the Modern Life Insurance Selling Podcast.

Thanks for staying with us.