New Changes Coming To SellTermLife

You probably noticed a little bit of a design change around here.  It’s time to give STL a facelift (work in progress).

From what agents are telling me, none of their uplines are teaching the information I’m providing in this blog.  It’s the same old – “buy more leads”, “see more people” or “get more referrals” etc.  It’s no wonder agents fail out of this business so quickly.

Anyway, your comments, emails and phone calls keep me motivated to keep posting helpful content on this blog.  The email subscriptions and traffic to this site have grown beyond what I expected…so all of this is a good indication I need to step it up.

With that said, I’m about to launch a couple services for agents within the next 4 weeks.

E-Mail Newsletter

I think I’ve sent 2 emails to everyone subscribed to our e-mail newsletter since I’ve had the email subscription form up.

Now you’ll be getting a weekly e-mail with tips on growing your life insurance business.

I’ll start this in January as I focus on building out everything below.

Weekly Podcast

Starting in January, you’re going to get valuable information right through your speakers or ear buds.  You’ll be able to listen on the site or download and/or subscribe through iTunes or Sticher!

I’ll be covering everything online life insurance and interviewing other successful agents about their businesses.  Every episode will provide actionable advice.

The podcast is in production as I write this. Private Mastermind

The number 1 thing agents ask me for is mentorship.  They want me to teach them to generate their own leads, automate their business and sell more life insurance.

For the more experienced agents, they want a group of like-minded life insurance agents to bounce ideas off of and learn from.

This mastermind is a way for other agents who are marketing life insurance online to get advice and share information of what’s working and what’s not working.    The mastermind will be in the form of a private forum.

In this private forum, myself and other life insurance agents will connect and learn from each other’s successes and failures.

I personally will be constantly adding marketing training “how to’s”, video training and case studies based on my own personal marketing and tough cases.  I hope other agents will do the same.

Here’s the thing with marketing for life insurance online.  It’s CONSTANTLY changing.  New products, new marketing, new laws, new technology, changing search engine landscapes.  We’ll be discussing all of them here.

Beyond that it’s a place where agents can connect, give insights, share victories and get encouragement.

I’ll encourage everyone to share their field underwriting “wins” so if you come across a tough risk, you can do a search and see what others have done “on demand”.  I hope that takes off, we’ll see.

My vision is that you have this as a resource throughout your day to learn from other agents and/or ask opinions on situations you come across with prospects or marketing.

This will be a PAID private community.  My intent is to keep the quality of agents and discussion high.

Done For You Life Insurance Website

I’ve created over a dozen life insurance websites and have tested various layouts.  I know what converts and what doesn’t.

I’ve systemized the whole thing into “Standard Operating Procedures” and have my virtual assistants trained to build beautiful life insurance websites with instant quotes.

Your website is the face of your online life insurance business.  You shouldn’t ever skimp on it if you’re full time in this business.

Have you ever seen a website you wish you had?  You can have it.  My team can copy it (although we won’t copy it “exactly” for obvious reasons).  They can build you a website with custom instant quotes on a WordPress platform.  That’s right, we’ll even customize your compulife quoter so it doesn’t look like everything else out there.

You own the hosting and domain 100%.  You’re simply leveraging my expertise.  I’ll project manage each website that comes through myself.

This will obviously be a paid service.  For those who can’t afford it, we’ll also have a free guide to show you how to build your own site from scratch.  It just won’t be as fancy as this custom site.

Bottom Line

I’m going to devote a significant amount of time to STL in 2014.  If you have any suggestions while I’m building out the above services or even any other services, please feel free to comment.

BTW – the Private Mastermind is already live for a few beta-testers I’ve invited and the feedback has been great!