Little Bit of Motivation

I was just going over my February.  I saw some pretty motivating things happen.

I had 1 agent place $35k in February.  All online and over the phone.  Baller status.

I personally placed $25k in February.  I sell MAYBE for 4 hours a day. (humble brag?)

The website I offered up last month on this blog for $1500/mo – That agent submitted over $21k in new business from that site.  This guy is a stud.

That website I mention above – we started 6 months ago and it generated over 150 leads in February.  We’ll do 250+ leads in March.   Well worth our $10k investment already.

A part time agent who works a full time job placed $4k.  She consistently submits $2k/week part time.  She’ll be full time soon.

An agent started his website 5 months ago and is receiving over 8 leads per day.  6-figure income status over the next year right there.

A fairly new agent placed 6 non-med term policies for $3200 premium on top of his fully underwritten production.  That’s how you keep your cash flow going in the beginning.

An agent received a $45,000 commission on 1 life.  It was a 50/50 split with another agent – so another agent also received $45,000.   It was sold over the phone, but he flew out there to complete the application.  He’ll be writing a guest blog post about this sale soon.  Stay tuned.

I hope this is motivating for some of you.