January and February Are Consistently Good Months For Life Sales

Quick heads up here.

For those new to selling life insurance online and over the phone – January and February are 2 of the biggest months for submitting new business.

Anyone whose been selling life insurance over the phone for a few years can back me up on how big these next 2 months are.  When I first started working in a life insurance call center, they would prepare us for how busy these months were and our expectations were always higher.  Since I’ve been independent – my production has always been higher during these months.

I have no idea why either.  People who put it off in December, are ready now?  Spending time with family around the holidays gets it off the back burner?  New Years resolutions?

It’s just a consistency I’ve been aware of for years and have prepared myself.

Right now, I have a little over $17k submitted and it’s only the 13th.  I’m also in the weeds and way behind on my call backs.  I’ve seen 2 other agents  already eclipsed the $20k submitted mark (did I mention, it’s only the 13th?).  I’m seeing an uptick in production from almost everyone really.

It should hold for the next 4-6 weeks, so be prepared!